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Tv lost AV input 5

DyasAlureDyasAlure SeattleRegistered User regular
I have a Philips TV. I don't know what model, or how to find out what model? It has a DVI port that I had my computer hooked up to. One day it just stopped working. After that I also found out the the "widescreen" option for video format has disappeared. It is a projection TV, so it has the 3 bulbs inside and is HD. I think it is 54" as well. So I figured out how to get the advanced menu, but didn't want to mess with settings I don't know what are.

Does anyone know anything about projections tv's? What info I could add to get better help? Any idea what happened? The TV still works, my x-box 360 plays fine. I also feel that one day some of the settings changed on there own, but I have no proof, and it seems weird. I couldn't say if I messed them up one day on accident. I have had the tv for maybe 5 years? I did have it worked on once. The color got out of whack when I moved once, so a pro came and reset all the colors. He also replaced a convergence board as well as the coolant in one of the bulbs I think it was. Anyway after that it was really good, until the AV input just disappeared.

Thanks in advance for help.

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