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Steadily increasing packetloss

FiatilFiatil Registered User regular
So my internet has sort of been hell for the past two weeks. But, it turns out I may have two separate problems, which has sort of confounded me. At first I couldn't connect to the internet (Cox Cable) on any of my devices, so I called up the ISP and had them send out a technician. He comes by, tells me my signal is terrible, and sends out a crew a couple of days after to fix the signal. Unfortunately, they didn't leave a notice on my door as they said they would, so I wasn't aware that the problem had been "fixed" until a week after they finished (today). The entire time I had been blaming my horrible internet connection on that, waiting for the solution....which had already come.

After finding this out, I'm disappointed because my desktop is still having horrible problems. I can have a perfect conversation on ventrilo for hours at a time with a ping of 30, but loading the simplest of webpages is a task of refreshing 10 times....waiting a bit, try again, and hooray it works! Online gaming is also impossible. I checked the internet on my other devices works now. So the ball seems to be out of my ISP's court and into mine. I picked up the freeware version of PingPlotter, and lo and behold; massive walls of 50%+ packet loss at times. If I disconnect myself from the internet and reconnect, I can often get flawless performance for a few minutes, but then it quickly goes to hell again and becomes unusable.

I went to the ISP today (before knowing the problem was limited to one device, in order to find out if the line crew had come to repair my line), and they were nice enough to give me a new router/modem combo just in case that was the problem, and it seems like that can be ruled out. I've also tried connecting both wirelessly and wired to the gateway, as I tend to use a wireless adapter for my desktop. I used the same ethernet cord for the desktop that works perfectly on my laptop and is brand new. Right now my only suspicion is crazy virus malware, but because of the overlapping nature of my first problem (the cable line having terrible signal, solved) and my second (huge packetloss on my desktop), it's hard for me to narrow down the timeframe of when it could have begun. I've been running malware tests and MSE's virus scan to no there any hope for my internets?

Fiatil on


  • urahonkyurahonky Registered User regular
    Download the trial of BitDefender instead of MSE. See if that finds anything.

  • FiatilFiatil Registered User regular
    I think I may have solved it! I remembered that I installed Hamachi near the start of the internet dark times; I disabled it last night and it's been smooth sailing for almost a day. Hooray!

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