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A friendly desert community [Welcome to Night Vale]

Mortal SkyMortal Sky queer punkhedge witchRegistered User regular
edited August 2013 in Social Entropy++
Hello listeners. To start things off I’ve been asked to read this brief notice: the city council announces the opening of a new dog park at the corner of Earl and Summerset near the Ralph’s. They would like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed in the dog park. People are not allowed in the dog park. It is possible you will see hooded figures in the dog park. Do not approach them. Do not approach the dog park. The fence is electrified and highly dangerous. Try not to look at the dog park, and especially do not look for any period of time at the hooded figures. The dog park will not harm you.

And now the news.


Welcome To Night Vale is a surreal horror comedy mock-radio show, made by the crew at Commonplace Books. Enjoy the sonorous voice of Cecil Baldwin, as he guides you through the casual life of a desert town where nothing is quite right.

Episodes are released bi-monthly, and feature awesome music.

Mortal Sky on
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  • Mortal SkyMortal Sky queer punk hedge witchRegistered User regular
  • JimothyJimothy Not in front of the fox he's with the owlRegistered User regular
    I heard of this the other day when Noelle Stevenson reblogged a really funny series of "Guns Don't Kill People" ads related to the show. I googled it and now I'm very interested, though I've yet to listen.

  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
  • World as MythWorld as Myth a breezy way to annoy serious people Registered User regular
    my favorite bit so far:

    "remember, if you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget."

    Grey GhostSCREECH OF THE FARGAneurhythmiaJayKaoskaortiCaulk Bite 6
  • Mortal SkyMortal Sky queer punk hedge witchRegistered User regular
    Every episode has a few golden lines like that, yeah.

    And the Weather is always perfect.

  • Mortal SkyMortal Sky queer punk hedge witchRegistered User regular
    Just like Carlos's hair.

    Blake T
  • AbracadanielAbracadaniel Registered User regular

  • SCREECH OF THE FARGSCREECH OF THE FARG #1 PARROTHEAD margaritavilleRegistered User regular
    funnyjunk is based off a server in nightvale

    Mortal Sky
  • VeldrinVeldrin Sham bam bamina Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Ugh, that Steve Carlsburg.

    What an ass.

    Veldrin on
    The BetgirlNeoToma
  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    Well I'm interested. I'll give it a listen tonight

  • GustavGustav Friend of Goats Somewhere in the OzarksRegistered User regular
    Am I actually looking forward to 10 hours in a car tomorrow? I might be.

    Thank you PA Forum.

    Mortal Sky
  • Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    What about the Apache Tracker

    What. An. Asshole.

    VeldrinFugitiveAntimatterCentipede DamascusGatsbyMorivethOne Thousand CablesnukaHunteraGSMcabsyCilla BlackThe BetgirlWhytherUnbrokenEvaYaYaLost SalientCorehealerOlivawMs DapperplufimCaptainNemoEnckaortiEtchwartsNirya
  • SCREECH OF THE FARGSCREECH OF THE FARG #1 PARROTHEAD margaritavilleRegistered User regular
    I would watch a night vale tv show where the podcast was the narration

  • GatsbyGatsby Registered User regular
    I really love how inclusive, open-minded, and diverse a community Night Vale is despite being filled and harassed by eldritch horrors.

  • GatsbyGatsby Registered User regular
    Not like Desert Bluffs

  • MorivethMoriveth BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWNRegistered User regular
    Gatsby wrote: »
    Not like Desert Bluffs

    Fuck Desert Bluffs!

    And Steve Carlsburg!

  • FugitiveFugitive Registered User regular
    I just left a very negative Yelp review for Telly the barber.

    I would recommend everyone else do the same.

  • VeldrinVeldrin Sham bam bamina Registered User regular
    RIP Carlos' beautiful hair.

    So handsome and perfectly formed.

  • FugitiveFugitive Registered User regular
    For real though I heard nobody talking about this thing and then suddenly everyone was talking about it and Tumblr was going nuts.

    Did something happen that caused it to explode? Did it actually exist before I knew about it?

  • AvrahamAvraham Registered User regular
    It's been going on for a full year, and now seems to have hit that point where there's enough word of mouth to spread like wildfire

    :bz: :bz: :bzz:
  • Mortal SkyMortal Sky queer punk hedge witchRegistered User regular
    Yeah, just word of mouth.

  • MetacortexMetacortex The Prettiest Zombie Coeur d'CoeursRegistered User regular
    Always remember to use that mouth to produce words in a loud and clear manner, so as to facilitate the Sheriff's Secret Police recordings.

    AvrahamBucketmanThe Betgirl
  • GatsbyGatsby Registered User regular
    Also it's bi-monthly so that might be why it's taken a little longer to really reach more listeners.

  • Crimson KingCrimson King Registered User regular
    so is there a point at which this stops being a halfassed creepypasta

  • Mortal SkyMortal Sky queer punk hedge witchRegistered User regular
    At least it's a really solid archive, with a decent amount of replay value (I always seem to miss one or two lines per episode, at least, hen I have it on in the background). So the 30ish episodes that are up are plenty to start out.

  • BlankZoeBlankZoe Registered User regular
    so is there a point at which this stops being a halfassed creepypasta
    Considering it is primarily a comedy podcast with creepy elements

    the first episode?

    SCREECH OF THE FARGcabsyThe BetgirlWeedLordVegeta#pipeWhytherCaptainNemoEdith Upwards
  • GatsbyGatsby Registered User regular
    Man I don't know what you been reading CK, but I'd love to see the creepypastas that are half as entertaining and self-aware as Hiram McDaniels, the five-headed dragon charged with resisting arrest and falsifying identification who's also poised as town favourite mayoral candidate based on a couple of his blog posts

  • nukanuka What are circles? Registered User regular
    @Rankenphile introduced @Weaver and I to episode 7 of this and we could not stop laughing. Shortly after I got myself all caught up to chapter 8.

    DS: 2667 5365 3193 | 2DS: 2852-8590-3716
  • FugitiveFugitive Registered User regular
    Like, sometimes it dips into the "a thing showed up and is mysterious and unknowable and then left" well a little too often, but I just got to episode 13 and it is pretty fantastic.
    Episode 13 is the second-person viewpoint episode

    Mortal Sky
  • AvrahamAvraham Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    so is there a point at which this stops being a halfassed creepypasta

    it is like a creepypasta that is intelligently and deftly written, sometimes absurdly amusing, sometimes genuinely chilling and unsettling, and in the end leaving you with an sobering but uplifting message about our shared humanity and shared vulnerability.

    so uh, not like a creepypasta at all and never halfassed

    Avraham on
    :bz: :bz: :bzz:
    FugitiveMortal SkyGatsbySCREECH OF THE FARGEdith Upwards
  • AvrahamAvraham Registered User regular
    And you were pleased. Because you always wanted to hear about yourself on the radio.

    :bz: :bz: :bzz:
  • Dead LegendDead Legend Registered User regular
    Avraham wrote: »
    And you were pleased. Because you always wanted to hear about yourself on the radio.

    This is true. My buddy wanted to be a radio DJ and so I would listen to his rookie segments and he would throw me a bone now and then with a shout out. It was cool.

    I'm gonna give this thing a go when I have some time.

    diablo III - beardsnbeer#1508 Mechwarrior Online - Rusty Bock
  • DHSDHS Chase lizards.. ...bark at donkeys..Registered User regular
    On an aesthetic level this really reminds me of John Hodgman's That is All, specifically the stuff in Today in Ragnarok, so color me intrigued and I'll have to check this out, because the off kilter alt-history is my favorite part of the Complete World Knowledge trilogy. Since that is over and done with, the looks to scratch a similar itch. I'll have to start listening.

    "Grip 'em up, grip 'em, grip 'em good, said the Gryphon... to the pig."
    One Thousand CablesGrey GhostCaptainNemoNeoToma
  • GatsbyGatsby Registered User regular
    The bit about the cave paintings being power washed off because their original discoverer, on religious grounds, didn't believe in the past still slays me

    VeldrinHunteraRankenphilenukaThe BetgirlWeedLordVegetaOlivawEncCaulk Bite 6Edith Upwards
  • LanglyLangly Registered User regular
    My friend's band got selected for the weather, gonna be awhile though before they get played

    VeldrinFugitiveHunteranukaGrey GhostBucketmanSCREECH OF THE FARGcabsyThe BetgirlWeedLordVegetaWorld as MythSegFishmanCorehealerErin The RedplufimCaptainNemoNeoTomaCaulk Bite 6Edith Upwards
  • RankenphileRankenphile Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.Registered User, Moderator mod
    I just listened to the Story About You.

    Holy fucking shit that was beautiful.

    CaptainNemoEdith Upwards
  • Gandalf_the_CrazedGandalf_the_Crazed Vigilo ConfidoRegistered User regular
    Oh hey, something new for me to get obsessed with.


  • GSMGSM Registered User regular

    We'll get back there someday.
    SCREECH OF THE FARGcabsyWhytherVann DirasCorehealersarukunMetalbourneCaulk Bite 6
  • FugitiveFugitive Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    Is this where we post our favorite Cecil fanart?


    Fugitive on
  • GatsbyGatsby Registered User regular
    The thing that throws me off most about night vale fanart is that a lot of people draw Cecil with a bunch of tattoos.

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