Feature Request: Problem Thread Marker

Sometimes, the Pee Wee's Playhouse style of providing users with a warning of triggers that will get you infracted in a certain thread is insufficient, especially when the infractable activity is an idea rather than a word or phrase. The people who have been keeping up with the thread at that point have the benefit of knowing exactly what is more dangerous to say because they read the mod warnings.

However, people who aren't in the habit of reading all the posts in the thread all the time will often unknowingly gain an infraction with behavior that earned the first offender a warning.

In order to avoid this, it would help if Geth placed a "Modwatch" label somewhere on the thread with links to mod comments and warnings, so people will have no excuse that they didn't know how controversial the thread was before they posted in it.

For instance, if a thread has a higher than average tendency to go off topic to the point that mods will infract a person for saying anything that doesn't in some way relate to the topic, there could be a "Thread Warnings" icon above the post window (or on the title bar) providing links to each of the mod posts in context, or a collection of the warning posts made in the thread.

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