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Money for nothing? or give my old Computer stuff away for free?

ANTVGM64ANTVGM64 Registered User regular
Howdy everyone, as I'm sure no one knows, I've amassed quite a large collection of computer-y things. Two cores - motherboard, powersupply, cage, etc, a laptop, and another emachine that's fully functional, as well as assorted hard drives, CD rom drives, keyboards, mice, etc.

And I've been told to get rid of all these machines. They're all Circa 2005, so rebuilding a machine seems a bit impossible as one gets no power and the other turns on but I think the video is bummed. Thus, is there a service or junk yard kind of thing that pays for all the precious metals in the computer? Namely the copper / gold / etc in the motherboard?

Speaking of mother, my moms seems to think we should just take them all to best buy and give it away for free, but for some reason I think I can get money for them! So what's the best resource for this sort of thing? Is it a thing?


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