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The Art Gauntlet of Never Ending Blows

TalleyrandTalleyrand Registered User regular
edited August 2013 in Artist's Corner
Hi, I used to frequent this place back in the day. And by frequent I mean one or two posts. Well I just found some old sketches the other day and decided to take a stab at coloring them. This is what I have for the moment and Im not so sure about the color choices or anatomy (the arms specifically) and I recall that you guys are pretty good at the withering critique. As much as Im cringing right now Im sure I could use it so feel free to let loose :)


Talleyrand on


  • TalleyrandTalleyrand Registered User regular
    Ill try to post some other stuff soon but Im kinda of internet-handicapped at the moment so itll take some finagling

    Oh and just thought Id mention, I lost my graphics tablet a couple moves ago so this was all colored by mouse, egh, not fun. :/

  • F87F87 So Say We All Registered User regular
    Are you planning on getting another tablet? This isn't bad, but you should post some brand new sketches. I suggest doing a few figure studies/drawing from life and reference. Try to slow down and really nail the construction/pose of your character. I'm sure it wasn't fun coloring with the mouse! : \

    Also, your image is a bit too large.

  • MyGfsDogMyGfsDog Registered User regular
    Yeah, that image is huge! From what I can see, though, the arms (primarily the left) don't have a natural bend to them and might even bee a tad too long. The left arm really needs a bend at the elbow to make it look more natural. The feet also shouldn't be pointing outwards so much. The right one is ok, but the left should be pointing towards us a bit more. The colors are off to a good start, but the shading could be even darker. You can almost not see it on the clothing. I don't know if you're concerned about the background, but the color of grass is too flat and has no depth. But them clouds look great :)

  • m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    Usually 800px wide will suffice.

  • TalleyrandTalleyrand Registered User regular
    Ok well I shrunk it down and worked on it some. New versions right here so no one gets confused. Oh and I colored some old tattoo designs as well.


    I figure the coloring on this tree could be a bit better. Might touch it up some later.

    This one I'm pretty pleased with myself for managing to blend japanese tattoo stylings, a celtic knot, an ouroboros and sea creatures together....might add some more tentacles though.

  • TalleyrandTalleyrand Registered User regular
    Well I've got a couple more now. Time to throw them into the abyss.



  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    The anatomy and coloring are such that you probably need to spend some time hunkering down and doing some studies. You are at one of those points where, yes, everything is more or less adding up, but its time to jump the hurdle and really push yourself. Your people look like people, though that girl has either a super long torso, or super long thighs.

    But, If you really want to improve, you'll probably have to get into some study of fundamentals and basics. We cant really nitpick this type of work until you are substantially better at drawing. If you do a master study or if you do a still life, we can really tell you where your fundamental weaknesses are. Its tedious, but if you don't want to chip away at your skills at the slowest pace possible, its the best way to move forward.

    For your figures, I suggest life drawing and self portraits in the mirror, and for environments, try some master copies. If you do those kinds of things and post them, you will probably get more feedback.

  • TalleyrandTalleyrand Registered User regular
    Ok cool. Yeah I was taking sketching classes years ago but I changed my major. I never got to color theory so doing these was just a fun way to practice that on my own. A master copy does sound good though, think Ill give it a try.

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