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[Charlie Murder] and his band. Of murder. And music.

DalantiaDalantia Registered User regular
So. I don't see a thread on this. And I dunno if it's bad karma for me to be posting such. But I'm playing it. And liking it. And would like to talk about it more.

Charlie Murder is a beat-em-up from Ska Studios - if you recognize the name, it's from The Dishwasher and Vampire Smile - and it keeps a few traits from those. Combos, beatdowns, gratuitous violence, rhythm minigames and an interesting soundtrack. It's part of the Summer of Arcade and I think it's 360 exclusive.

This goes more RPG route - you get a character. This character is one of five (plus five secret) classes, following MMO conventions; Berserker, Mesmer, Shaman, Tank, and Mage. However, you don't really think in terms of these when you're playing them, it's more like beat-em-up archetypes. You gain special skills (for example - the Shaman can take severed heads and turn them into healing totems - and later on, take brains and turn them into laser turrets) unique to each character, along with skills shared between all of the characters. You can also gain special tattoos which give you magical abilities (ranging from SONIC BOOM to attack buffs to healing, even). You can get gloves that turn your fists into acid spitting monstrosities. The combat allows for Massive Combos and aerial combos galore, at times. I turn into a mecha on a regular basis when playing the Shaman.

I'm.. going to go back to playing my Icemonk. Buzzsaws galore!

DS Friend code: 3840-6605-3406


  • DragkoniasDragkonias Registered User regular
    I bought it day one because I'm a fan of both Dishwasher games

    If I could best describe it I would say its a mix of Dishwasher and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World(the game).

  • IncenjucarIncenjucar Audio Game Developer Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    I quite enjoy it. It's much, much better with a group, but you can enjoy it solo to a point as well.

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