Indie Games on Demand (Room 305/306)

MathalusMathalus OlympiaRegistered User regular
What is Indie Games on Demand at PAX? It's kind of like tabletop HQ, but for indie roleplaying games. Just like at Tabletop HQ you could check out a copy of Dominion and learn to play at Indie Games on Demand you'll be able to check out someone who knows how to play Fiasco and can play a game with you.

Who's playing? Well, you, hopefully. We'll provide people who can run the game (for some games, that may mean the designer themselves).

How does it work? You come by Indie Games on Demand in the tabletop freeplay area, room 306 and 306, and check out what games are currently getting started. There'll be someone there who will ask you what you're interested in playing, maybe suggest some other games, and hopefully get you into a game right then. If not right then, later. There will be plenty of games.

When can you play? Every single day of PAX, from opening until 10:00 pm or so. Most games will start at two hour intervals starting at 10:00 AM, but if there's enough people and an open table games can start any time. Come by room 305/306 whenever.

Where is this hotness happening? Room 305 and 306 and part of the freeplay area and also secret locations.

What games will be there? That depends on who's around at any given moment, but some games that we'll have people ready to run include:

-Apocalypse World
-Lady Blackbird
-Burning Wheel
-Mouse Guard
-The Wildlings
-Dungeon World
-G X B
-Drifter's Escape
-Cthulhu Dark
-Tulip Academy
-Geiger Counter
-On the Ecology of the Mud Dragon
-Dogs in the Vineyard
-Danger Patrol
-The Quiet Year
-Big Motherf***ing Crab Truckers

Plus a billion more (approx.)

Gamma Ray Games will be collocated and they will be happy to sell you most of these games, or tell you where you can get them.



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    awyldknghtawyldknght Registered User regular
    This is my 2nd PAX. Last Year I spent most of it just walking the show floor. This year, I plan on sitting down, relaxing & getting my game on.
    This looks like a good place to go to learn some new games. I'm interested in Mouse Guard, Cthulhu Dark & maybe Apocalypse World.

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    SerenitySerenity Registered User regular
    Mouse guard I heard is very good.

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    MathalusMathalus OlympiaRegistered User regular
    I personally know several facilitators who would be happy to run Mouse Guard and Apocalypse World for you. Cthulu Dark is a high probability. Ask around and have them yell into the room.

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    Thunderous_TThunderous_T Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    Is this the sort of thing you'd need to bring a group to, or can you show up solo and expect to find like minded people willing to play?

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    MathalusMathalus OlympiaRegistered User regular
    Both will work. You'll move faster if you show up with a group all ready to do the same thing. However, if you are a loner and you mill around a bit, your gravity will slowly pull a game together.

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    DrJekyll325DrJekyll325 Registered User new member
    edited August 2013
    Would love to get in a game of Dogs In The Vineyard and/or Wilderness of Mirrors. Anyone out there interested in either?

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