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Best Blu-Ray PC software?

DrezDrez Registered User regular
My drive came with Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 Lite or something.

I can't find the disc and they are up to v13.

Any recommendations? I'm looking for playback software that is 3D playback compatible.

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  • Jebus314Jebus314 Registered User regular
    edited August 2013
    far as I know powerDVD and totalmedia theater are the two main players in bluray playback. I think winDVD has also recently got into the game but I'm not totally sure. All of them are pay for software and around $50-$100 depending on whether or not you catch a sale. I went with totalmedia theater and I am reasonably happy with it. It plays my blurays, interfaces with WMC, and seems pretty stable. I only have a few blurays so I don't watch terribly often, but i've never really had a problem once I got past the initial setup, and most of the hassle there was getting it to play nice with WMC.

    There's been rumors that VLC may or may not be able to play blurays for free but I've yet to see that verified so who knows.

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  • Nova_CNova_C I have the need The need for speedRegistered User regular
    edited August 2013
    I use my PC as a home theater PC as well and ended up with PowerDVD after a long time trying to work with VLC's Blu-Ray support. VLC's Blu-Ray 'works' after a fashion, but it's feature limited and requires you to download and install the plugin and the AACS decoder yourself, with the note that not all Blu-Rays are supported. When I did get it working, it worked fine so long as all I wanted to do was watch the movie, but it had no menu support, so would only play the film. Any special features were unavailable (That may have changed since I gave up on it, though).

    I ended up forking out the $80 or whatever for PowerDVD because, like you, I had a disc come with my Blu-Ray drive that I subsequently lost, but when I was using it, it was super easy and worked well.

    They also have an app for iPad/iPhone that lets those devices act as a remote control. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know if I get it working.

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  • DrezDrez Registered User regular
    Cool thanks!

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