Suggestions for a fair priced (musical) keyboard?

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Hey all,

Not sure that this is quite the right forum for this but I wasn't sure what might be better so here goes:

I've been trying to try and get back into music of late. I've played guitar for many a year. Or at least, I learned to play it many years ago...I have put it down in the last few years.
I wanted to try a new instrument so things would be fresh, plus I wanted to learn music theory better and I figured since so much is based off piano, it'd be a good way to go it. So I dug out the old keyboard I had when I was a teenager, fired up a new blog to chronicle my progress (thinking it might help me work through concepts in my brain and also keep me focused), and signed up for a class.

I've only been playing about 2 months and for about 70% of it I've been frustrated with the keyboard I'm using. It's keys are every so slightly more narrow than a piano and thus I've had to learn a few chords in really ridiculous finger positions to play them, and that is already becoming super hard to UNlearn. Also, the keys aren't weighted which I'm finding awful. Oh, and it's only 61 keys. I'd like to get a full 88 key keyboard.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a keyboard that might do me well? I don't need a lot of features. Mostly I'm looking for 88 keys that are weighted and are also normal width. Being able to plug headphones in and plug it into a PC would be a nice bonus. And I don't want to spend a billion dollars on it, of course.


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    acidlacedpenguinacidlacedpenguin Institutionalized Safe in jail.Registered User regular
    Go with Nord, their keyboards are red so naturally they're worth $1000 more than competing keyboards.

    but seriously, I've heard M-Audio has some decent offerings as far as price/performance goes.

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    vamenvamen Registered User regular
    Thanks for the suggestion sir. I actually picked up A Casio CDP-120 when Guitar Center was having a sweet Labor Day sale. Not top of the line by any means, but it has what I'm looking for at my current level of skill. I'll have to check out an M-Audio next time I'm in the shoppe to see how they play.

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