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[ANDROID][3 IN ROW] TruckFarm: Veggie Match

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TruckFarm is a match 3 game with cartoon graphics and elements of TD.
You need to match 3 or more vegetables in a row to free cells under them.
Starting from the 4th level, the player contend against the UFOs, that prevent matching 3 vegetables and close the cells back.
You either must scare the UFO using scarecrows, or be faster than the alien invaders.
This "match 3" puzzle reminds such amazing games like Jewellust and Magic Vines.
TruckFarm optimized for most screen resolutions, including HD-resolution (tablets - welcome).
It is a free demo version of the game. Only 4 levels are included.

Free Demo:

Player need match 3 veggies in a row and open cells.
At the beginning, all the cells on the field are closed.
When a player match 3 or more vegetables in a row, they disappear,
and their cells become opened. Player can match 3 veggies in a row horizontally or vertically.
The goal - to open all the cells on the field, for a limited time,
matching 3 veggies in a row.


Best Regards,
Hard Sky Games.


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