Football (soccer) bars near PAX?

DrJekyll325DrJekyll325 Registered User new member
Looking for a place to catch the Manchester United - Liverpool game on Sunday morning. Are there any football bars in the area? Any other fans interested in meeting up for the game? (5:30 AM kickoff)


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    jamsyarbotsjamsyarbots Wilmington, DERegistered User regular
    I just walked by a place called spitfire that looked like your typical American sports bar but there were definitely a few TVs playing soccer. Hope that helps.

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    LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
    We know some good spots in Ballard but not close to downtown, I'm afraid. Nobody at all that will be open that early for a game.

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    byakuenbyakuen Somewhere in SeattleRegistered User regular
    Spitfire (206) 441-7966 is in Belltown and they open at 11AM.
    Fuel (206) 405-3835 is in Pioneer Squ and they open at 9AM.

    Now, one I can see that is likely to be open at this time is up by Greenlake.
    St Andrew's Bar and Grill (206) 523-1193 They got some killer burgers and lots of beers and ales. They have an Event list and that game is posted so my assumption is they will be open. Call to verify though.

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    DrJekyll325DrJekyll325 Registered User new member
    Thanks for the info, everyone!

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    MackCollinsMackCollins Registered User new member
    Check out Fado, they have been known to open very early for World Cup matches, and they have an EPL schedule on their website.


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    klsalasklsalas Registered User new member
    There are a number of good football pubs around town. The most dedicated places are in out in the neighborhoods.

    I don't think anyone is showing the game live, even the hardcore English bars like the George and Dragon (Fremont) or the Market Arms or the Dray (Ballard). They will record and replay the game. The only time the pubs are showing football that early would be maybe World Cup, Euro Cup or Olympics.

    Just checked and Fado downtown at First and Columbia is showing the match at 10:30a.

    If that doesn't work for you, the George and Dragon in Fremont is playing the game twice: at 10:30a and 3pm.
    Fremont about 3.5 miles or so from downtown. Take the #40 bus or a 28. It is about a 20 minute bus ride.

    The G&D is probably the only place in town that is going to be showing the match twice and the only place that will be showing it in the afternoon.

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    jacalatajacalata Registered User regular
    The elephant and castle (on 5th off pike, under the red lion hotel) is a British style pub that might show it. You could drop by this afternoon to check. (http://www.elephantcastle.com/seattle)

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