Can't make it, extra two passes

tumestumes Registered User new member
So my wife and I were lucky and snagged two passes during those hot few minutes they were available, but it turns out we can't go. On top of that, they sent the passes, but they never actually arrived at my house (This is my fourth consecutive year of Pax passes I've bought and the only ones that never showed).

Can anybody suggest what I can maybe do to not be flushing two 4-day passes down the toilet? The Pax questions people say there's no refund policy (Kinda lame since it seems their shipping is the reason I didn't have tickets in hand to sell online), but say I can transfer ownership for will-call. That being said, people on eBay aren't exactly clambering to buy the promise of a will-call ticket. Can anyone give me any guidance on how to not make this a total loss?


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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    you can't transfer ownership of a will call ticket at this point.

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