BYOC question: is it worth it?

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Is it worth it?

This will be my first time to PAX and I am thinking of taking the light rail to avoid the Seattle traffic because I hate driving in Seattle. I was considering just not doing the BYOC since I have the convention floor to check out and then the parties afterword. I am having second thoughts of trying to load my tower on one of those luggage rollers and taking it anyways but I need to know if it is really worth it. I play Arma and BF3 mostly, maybe some Dota but wondering how many people will be playing similar games. Bottom line: To you PAX veterans, is it worth it to go through the trouble of bringing the PC on the light rail for the BYOC, or should I just have a good time on the floor and at the parties?

Also, if I do forgo it, do you know how I could go about exchanging my BYOC pass and opening up the slot for someone while still getting my money back?

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    Honestly, you can just play in the free play area if you don't want to drag your own PC. No Dota installed though, which annoyed me greatly. Also, if you want to play Dawngate they have a 5v5 station setup that is low traffic where you can get some games in.

    No idea about your BYOC pass.

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