Random PAX of Kindness

dougyfreshdougyfresh Registered User regular
Post the awesome things people have done for you at PAX!

So far I've had an enforcer give me a lanyard within five minutes of showing up. Zerzhul was amazingly generous in helping my fiance get a chance to attend PAX with me the rest of the week. All of the omeganauts were super cool and made me feel like I had friends to hang out with even though I was attending alone today.



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    BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    Not for me, but it was nice :)

    I saw one PAX atendee with a Friday pass run after another when they noticed that they dropped their 4 Day pass.

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    ElmoFuntzElmoFuntz Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    I asked a fellow attendee taking a rest break where he got his blue blinky light. He could not remember specifically where when i looked confused at his general area directions he took his off and gave it to me. So nice!!

    Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!

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    Garet_JaxGaret_Jax SeattleRegistered User regular
    ElmoFuntz, that was my friend!! Glad he could make your PAX better!

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I love these threads

    SmallLady was fantastic to work with all weekend with the omegathon, and all of the omegas were excellent to each other

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    vespachicavespachica SeattleRegistered User regular
    My daughter and I were "taking a break" (we did this a lot) in an unused corner of the Strife exhibit. We got up to wander towards the bathroom and the Strife exhibitor who had been handing out comics came walking quickly towards us with my small point-and-shoot camera I had left on the ground. That guy rules.


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    8_Bit-Ginger8_Bit-Ginger Registered User regular
    To the guy who handed my buddy a badge when he needed one for the concert............ YOU SHOWED THE LOVE!!!! To my son who found a travel case full of DS games and returned them to the owner before the lost and found, I am proud of you.

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    QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    -The 6 or 7 people who grouped up on the corner of 7th and Pike where the scalpers were rampant Friday morning and sold a boatload of badges at face value under a large sign that read "Face value - because screw scalpers".
    -The Oculus Rift guy who saw me incapable of getting from "the mob" to "the line" before it got cut off every 15 minutes due to a full-on gimp limp I acquired the night before that moved me up to the front so I could try Hawken
    -The lady that grabbed a wad of about $500 that fell out of my pocket as I was trying to pull out a pen and didn't notice it coming out that gave it back.

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    RemingtonRemington Registered User regular
    The girl that found my Canon point and shoot in the beanbag chairs long after I left and brought it to the lost and found.

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    RebelledRebelled Registered User new member
    When I was at the gearbox panel and the enforcers we're handing out stacks of cards to people at the beginning of each row so they could pass them down.. I did not see a single person take more than what they were supposed to. That made me smile.

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    BaghdadBeanBaghdadBean Wrench Wench Scio-Lacomb, ORRegistered User regular
    To the woman who talked to me about my coordinating knee brace & cane, I just want to say thank you, in the ten years since I was injured, nobody has ever said anything even remotely close to that, and you touched me all the way through to my heart.

    For the cosplayer who gave me the great advice and encouragement on how to deal with creepers, you inspire me to try it on again.

    To the many people who offered me cough drops, and most especially to the young woman who brought me the whole bag of cherry cough drops, my throat thanks you, and so do I!!!

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    makostrifemakostrife Registered User regular
    My nieces Strife Tanooki doll was stolen by someone when we were taking a picture by the Ziggs statue. A random couple gave my niece a set of those MTG goggles. It cheered her up a little but she really wanted her Tanooki doll back.

    It was a very nice gesture. If I was less upset about the situation I would of given you something for it. But thank you, random strangers.

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    snoozypandasnoozypanda Registered User new member
    Thank you to the generous guy who gave me a behemoth gashapon figure when I was admiring the figure display--blue knight is adorable!
    Thanks also to whoever found my friend's ecig and returned it to the lost and found. He was very jittery for a solid 3 hrs worrying about it (he's out of town and it was his last one).
    This same friend gave his tanooki doll to another who really wanted it but found out they ran out by the time she made it through the line.

    You guys are awesome!

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    hml151hml151 Registered User regular
    I would like to thank everyone for being so wonderful to me this year. I was not planning to be in a wheelchair when I scored those tickets. Car accident changed those plans. I had so much fun though and I couldn't have asked for a better experience from the enforcers, security/staff, companies, vendors, and attendees. Enforcers/security/staff were very informative and helpful to all my needs. It was very nice to have the hour early friday for medical passes and five minutes early each day, stopped any trampling. The companies where very helpful by fitting us in so our wait was little better and helping me with my needs. Elder Scrolls, Extraction, and Wildstar fit me in almost immediately. Both Wildstar and Shadow Warrior peoples brought their game to my level. Wildstar had a plexiglass board that velcored into my wheelchair for keyboard and mouse and Shadow Warrior brought the keyboard and mouse to the chair so I could play. Legend of Zelda the picture and the new wiiu game allowed me to come back the next day and enter the front of the line after I got really sick the day before waiting to play and picture. It seemed like the gaming companies knew more about the medical passes and really wanted to let us all experience their games in the same way. Vendors would help me through their items and answer my questions. The cosplayers were awesome too and helped me get many photos with me and just stand alone. Thank you to the numerous people that helped me pick up dropped items, like my cell phone and camera or let me in line infront of you to play a game. I tried to make sure if I got to cute I didn't waste too much time so the next one could play but thank you for letting me play. I got to experience pretty much everything I wanted to in three days. Thank you everyone that made PAX an amazing experience.

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    HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
    I was in line at the Beniroya for the Saturday afternoon Pinny Arcade trade session with the staff, but only had a few pins to trade (thought only Khoo, Mike and Jerry would be there before arrival). An Enforcer overheard me asking around if I could buy any official pins at the lobby to trade, and graciously donated one of his so I could trade for an additional staff member pin: was thrilled that I was able to add an Erika to my collection as a result.

    It was very cool of him, and I really appreciated it! I was able to pay it forward by donating a pin to another Enforcer at the end of the show: hopefully the cycle continues for anyone in a time of need (at least, as much as pin collection can be a need).

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    JenniLyneJenniLyne Registered User regular
    To the gentleman who picked up a cosplayer's 4-Day badge when it snapped off of his lanyard during a photo request, and replaced the lanyard with his own so the photo op could continue while he tracked down a new one. Well done sir, well done.

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    sirmrejsirmrej Seattle areaRegistered User regular
    Someone I didn't know asked me if I was in line for something. I was standing *near* the line. I said no. But it was super nice that he asked. (maybe this is silly, but it stuck with me. Everyone at PAX is running around trying to get swag and play stuff, but in all that, we're all so nice to each other. It's awesome)

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    NowHiringHenchmenNowHiringHenchmen Registered User regular
    Not PAX Prime, but 2013 PAX East: To the man who, after overhearing that we were looking for Jerry for pin trades, not only told me where he was, but LED us to him, thank you. Also, thank you to another man who managed to notice that my badge had fallen off and was just hanging on by barely a thread. Truly awesome guys.

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    PikaPuffPikaPuff Registered User regular
    MTG Booth was very kind and understanding to the people mobbing them for FTV:20.

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    JamieODJamieOD Dublin, IrelandRegistered User regular
    Cheers to the female enforcer who allowed me back into the Paramount after the Gearbox panel when my Borderlands voucher turned out to be faulty (no code was printed on it) and cheers to the male enforcer inside who gave me a replacement. You were both awesome!

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    SanDogWepsSanDogWeps Limerick Monger San DiegoRegistered User regular
    Kudos to the WSCC staff - WAY friendlier than the tools at the San Diego Convention Center for Comic Con. Every one of them at a minimum pretended to be having fun. You could tell a couple were having the proverbial bad day, but I never saw them take it out on a PAXer.

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    jukkakhanjukkakhan Registered User regular
    The Nintendo guy with glasses was super awesome for us on Sunday when a ton of us were prevented from going down the hall and lining up for the Windwaker demo in the morning. Some bad communication between WSCC staff and Enforcers allowed people to line up from the other side of the third floor and create a massive line even though we were there at 9. He made sure to clear it up with all parties, and made sure we all ended up with quest stamps.

    I also saw someone leave behind their tote bag of stuff after finishing a demo in the Nintendo area. A guy jumps out of the massive line, grabs the bag, and takes off after them, yelling "Your stuffffff! You forgot your stufffff!" When he got back, he was unanimously promoted to front of the demo line.

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    IncarnadineIncarnadine Registered User regular
    Thank you to the enforcer who was kind enough to take the initiative and walk me from the info desk to BOYC. He turned what was quickly becoming a frustrating first 5 minutes of PAX into a positive experience.

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    HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
    SanDogWeps wrote: »
    Kudos to the WSCC staff - WAY friendlier than the tools at the San Diego Convention Center for Comic Con. Every one of them at a minimum pretended to be having fun. You could tell a couple were having the proverbial bad day, but I never saw them take it out on a PAXer.

    Yup, after 3 PAX Primes I have to say that the WSCC staff is solid (and not as gruff as the BCEC for East).

    "Perception is reality." -unknown
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    qwhackerqwhacker Registered User regular
    Quintious wrote: »
    -The 6 or 7 people who grouped up on the corner of 7th and Pike where the scalpers were rampant Friday morning and sold a boatload of badges at face value under a large sign that read "Face value - because screw scalpers".

    We definitely had some good laughs doing this. At one part one of the scalpers came up and offered one of us $100 for two passes just so we would leave, and the response he got was absolutely beautiful. I wish i could quote it, but I remember it having something along the lines of "I don't care how much you offer me, I have too much decency as a human being to allow someone to profit from something like this."

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    robertrencerobertrence Registered User regular
    The person who gave an extra knitted brain slug to a cookie brigadier to bring back to me in the HQ. It was better than being on stage at the end of the Omegathon. Sorry Mike and Jerry.

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