Lost Wallet

sievesignsievesign Registered User new member
Hey, everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful PAX!

Unfortunately, mine has hit a bit of a snag, being that I have lost my wallet. It has many useful things in it, but the two things that I truly care about are my ID, and a key. The wallet is light brown and scaled. The third letter in the last name of the ID is a 'j'. If you come across it and return it, I would, in addition to being very thankful, be happy to leave you with all the cash inside, as well as buy you lunch. If you really like the wallet, you can even keep it, so long as I can take things out of it.

If you find it, please respond inline here, send me a PM, or give me a text at 541-731-1874.

Thanks to everyone, and I hope that you all have a great time this year at PAX!


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    ben175ben175 Registered User regular
    Hey! May have been you but may have not but someone left their wallet at the merch booth yesterday when I was there and the staff picked it up!

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    ThatGuyGregThatGuyGreg [E] - Satellite Theater Registered User regular
    We also found one near Pegasus Theater; if you're from Eugene, OR, the Sheraton front desk has your wallet.

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    sievesignsievesign Registered User new member
    ThatGuyGreg, that's me! Your good will is matched only by my fortune at your find!

    I'll be by to claim it tomorrow morning, and if you are either working, or provide me the means to find you, I would be ecstatic to fulfil my offer of a free meal.

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