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Wally Wood's 22

nocuddletimenocuddletime Registered User regular
edited September 2013 in Artist's Corner
I've had the "Wally Wood's 22 panels that always work!!" printed out and taped on the wall behind my desk (as many of you do too) for so long the paper is turning yellow but...

I've never used it!

I also have a couple of Art S. Buck mannequins and a 18" Spiderman figure (with 67 points of articulation!) that I never touch either.

What other tips, tricks and tools have you always been told are indispensable, and you even maybe invested in, but you rarely, if ever, use?

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  • GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod
    This part of the PA forum is for posting artwork. If you want to discuss things, we have a chat thread for that. If you have questions or you're looking for a tutorial we have a thread for that too that's been stuck near the top of this forum section.

    I hope that you find what you're looking for in either of those places. If you'd like to post some artwork, please make a new thread and post your artwork directly in it.

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