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Hey! I'm new here (well, I made my account 4 years ago but I only posted a few times) and the name's Nick LeBlanc or Blanco as I usually go by online.

Anyway, my girlfriend and I recently started a webcomic--I do the art and she writes it. It's called Nate and Kate. It's kind of a slice of life comedy type comic. Essentially, it's about a twenty-something couple--Nathan Murphy and Katelyn Solak--and their everyday lives and drama and funny moments and stuff.

As of yet, we don't have a huge archive, but hopefully we'll keep at it for some time.


I've been drawing for a long time but I'm not really used to making comics, so any kind of advice or critique would be appreciated.

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    This sort of thread is verboten here. You're welcome to post individual strips and ask for feedback/critique, but starting a new thread with a link to your Webcomic is basically just advertising.

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    Oh sorry, I didn't realize. Is there another section of the forum? Or is just frowned upon everywhere on the forum?

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    There's nowhere on PA to advertise sites or comics. But your other thread is spot on perfect for this forum - lots of examples of your art, and genuine questions/critique requests. If you stick with that one I'm sure you'll get feedback.

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