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I've never quite been the Tintin or Asterix type, but I've long enjoyed the occasional comic from mainland Europe (Britain doesn't count, except maybe Pat Mills), particularly some of the fantastic material translated over to English by Humanoids. Alejandro Jodorowsky's Metabarons, Incal, and Technopriests series all really scratch that itch I first got from reading the early issues of Heavy Metal, and for much the same reason I enjoy revisiting the Nikopol Trilogy of Enki Bilal from time to time. I Am Legion was just visually stunning, thanks to John Cassaday. But what Euro-comics, if any, do y'all enjoy?

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    Linespider5Linespider5 ALL HAIL KING KILLMONGER Registered User regular
    Honestly, I've never had the good fortune of being able to encounter the work of any european publications in the wild. Not a single one.

    Moebius, of course, I'm always awestruck by, as he's essentially the French Jack Kirby in terms of staggering volume of vision and work ethic.

    Simon Bisley I really dig. So much of his stuff has such a nasty, gleeful attitude about it, set in really harsh color palettes in strange locations. He's really good at making some of the scrappiest looking motherfuckers that ever walked out of a space bar.

    I was going to mention Richard Corben, but imagine my shock when I learned he in fact hails from Missouri.

    Beyond that, I've....seen some stuff. Dylan Dog is a sort of italian supernatural investigator antihero thing that's pretty striking.

    I would Like To Know More.

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    Dizzy DDizzy D NetherlandsRegistered User regular
    I think the vast majority of my comic collection is European:

    From all-ages series like Asterix and Tintin (and Spirou, another great series, especially the Franquin and Tome&Janry issues or Lucky Luke) to

    more adult series like Henk Kuijpers Franka, Desberg en Marini's "Scorpion", Van Hamme's Thorgal, XIII and Largo Winch.

    I really hope you will one day get a translation of Van Hamme and Rosinski's " La Grand Pouvoir du Chninkel" (Think a mixture of The Hobbit and Exodus, usually high marks on lists for greatest comics of all time.) or Jacques Tardi's work.

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    SolarSolar Registered User regular
    If anyone can get hold of Okko I firmly advise them to do so

    it's very, very cool, and the artwork is delicious

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    GustavGustav Friend of Goats Somewhere in the OzarksRegistered User regular
    I got ahold of a copy of The Incal by Jodorowsky and Moebius this summer, and I'm just kinda waiting to find the time to read it. It's just sitting on my shelf waiting for the right moment.

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    PhillisherePhillishere Registered User regular
    A couple of my favorites:

    Wake - A caravan of alien refugees and merchants travels in a massive hodgepodge fleet known as the Wake. Navi is the only human living on Wake, the only human anyone has ever seen and she pays for her way through covert missions on the fleet and the planets they pass. It's very grounded for French science fiction - Solid sci-fi action adventure with a lot of political subtext.

    There's a bit of cross-cultural sketchiness in the first volume (The French apparently have no problem with pre-teen topless girls). If that bothers you, skip the first volume and get into the meat of the series.

    Blacksad - Blacksad is a cartoon cat in a world of anthromorphized animals, Disney noir. The catch is that the stories are dead serious noir detective fiction. Well written noir detective fiction, at that.

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    Bobby DerieBobby Derie Registered User regular
    Oh, I love Blacksad. Terrific stuff.

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    MunchMunch Registered User regular
    Yeah, Blacksad's terrific.

    's deceptively brilliant and gut-wrenching. It's the story of a fool who becomes an adventurer, and his barbarian companion, and how they ultimately become friends. Unless you read for a bit longer, and it becomes the story of an adventurer who becomes a tyrant, and a blind old barbarian, and how they ultimately become enemies.

    The Killer, about a hitman who takes a vacation, is a very tense, enjoyable read.

    Miss Don't Touch Me is the surprisingly enjoyable story of a girl trying to solver her sister's murder, by going undercover as a dominatrix in a Parisian brothel.

    I guess Old City Blues qualifies, as it's written and drawn by a Greek dude. It's a cool little cyberpunk buddy-cop story, that echoes the best eighties anime in style and tone.

    Blue Pills is one of my favorite love stories in comics, about a man who's dating an HIV-positive single mother.

    Kolor Klimax is like Swedish art acid for your brain, and a steal at just $3.33. It's not brilliant, but it doesn't really aspire to be.

    Jason's work is an acquired taste, but I think most people could enjoy The Living and the Dead, I Killed Hitler, and The Last Musketeer.

    Boulet, however, is simply brilliant. His 24-Hour Comic, Darkness, is goddamn beautiful, his journal comics are endlessly endearing, and he's constantly pushing his limits, finding new ways to tell stories. The dude's seriously great.

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    Dizzy DDizzy D NetherlandsRegistered User regular
    Dungeon is great, but is sadly abandoned (well, there was no way that they were actually going to finish the full planned 300+ series).

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