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So I'm sitting here looking at e-mails when I realize...Shit, I've got a lot of accounts.

I've got:
  • 2 ""@bellsouth.net" e-mails, one of which I got way back when we first signed up with our ISP over a decade ago, one I created as a spare.
  • (Technically) 3 Apple accounts. One ends in "@mac.com", which isn't even a functional e-mail any more after Apple's move from ".mac" to "mobileme" years ago. One ends in "@me.com", which is from when MobileMe went free, and one ends in "@icloud.com", when iCloud launched. Thankfully e-mails that go to the "@me.com" and "@icloud.com" seem to end up in same inbox somehow.
  • 1 GMail account. I don't know why I even have this one. I don't care for or even use most of their services. I'm thinking I signed up for a Youtube account years ago and when Google bought 'em out I somehow got rolled into a gmail account.
  • 1 Yahoo account. This is from back in the Yahoo Messenger days, nothing more.
  • (Possibly) 1 AOL account. I may have an e-mail address from back with AOL Instant Messenger was a thing.

So yeah, right. Over the last decade I've amassed more e-mail addresses than I'll ever use.

Tonight I went through my GMail inbox and moved over any account-based services to one of my bellsouth.net e-mails. I'm going to let the account stay up till the end of November, and once I've confirmed that nothing shows up in that inbox anymore, I'm wiping out my entire Google account.

I intend to do the same with one of my bellsouth e-mail addresses soon. I'm going to try to merge the two into one entity by moving as many accounts as possible. I probably won't outright cancel one of these accounts until early next year just to be safe.

By February of next year I'd ideally like to have one Apple-based e-mail address and one bellsouth e-mail address.

Anyone else struggling with this sort of thing?

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