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Pokemon Thread: Sufficiently Spooky



  • KwoaruKwoaru Registered User regular
    one disadvantage of the switch to 3D

    a lot of the sprites in the various 2D versions of the game depicted "action shots" of the pokemon. Rattata in mid-leap, that kind of thing

    and now, because you're seeing the pokemon in "real time" instead of just a static picture representing it, a lot of them just kinda

    stand there

    for some pokemon that works fine, and some, like zubat, are explicitly helped by the constant animation, but for others they're less exciting looking than they used to be

    For some reason the way burmy looks kinda disturbs me

    just rooted to an invisible tree, swaying in the breeze

    hanging by a noose looking connector thing

    Speed Racercabsy
  • KlendyKlendy Goomy GoomyGoomyRegistered User regular
    physics, man


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