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What happened to the hard copy, printed version of Lookouts #6?

nturchinnturchin Registered User regular
I know the comic was digitally released weeks (months?) ago on comixology. But I enjoy the art and the Eyrewood world so much I really want to own a physical copy of it! It satisfies my squirrel-like desire to collect precious things and bury them away in short boxes. As far as I can tell, the print date appears to have slipped and slipped, but now simply has a release date of TBD? Has the printing been CANCELLED?! My squirrel nature can't handle owning 5 pieces of a 6-piece set...

Seriously though, I love this comic so much, and I'm surprised there's simply no info or explanation out there. Seems strange knowing that the comic is complete and just taking months to print... makes me wonder if the problems are more of a business or contractual nature? Also I apologize if this has been asked and answered here before, but I used the search and found nothing.



  • AntimatterAntimatter Devo Was Right Gates of SteelRegistered User regular
    that is very weird. Typically Comixology isn't allowed to publish things until the physical comic ships because of Diamond.

  • AtomicTofuAtomicTofu She's a straight-up supervillain, yo Registered User regular
    IIRC, Lookouts #1 came out first digitally as well. But it looks like this is the only thing that Cryptozoic publishes, so finding something in the monthly solicits seems like it'd be difficult.

  • AmiguAmigu Registered User regular
    It's also possible that Diamond cut them. It happens sometimes when a run is to small. Or they're just waiting for it to be feasible to print.

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  • PedroAsaniPedroAsani Brotherhood of the Squirrel [Prime]Registered User regular
    I picked one up Friday. I'm in the UK, so it was unexpected to have it here.

  • orthancstoneorthancstone TexasRegistered User regular
    #6 hit my shop last Wednesday

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