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It's that time of year again, when we all put our minds to community and gift giving.

Everyone who signs up will be randomly assigned another participant. You are then tasked to buy that person a gift. As a recipient, you will write a letter of things you like and do not like to The Great Cardboard Tube in the sky.

WTF Bobcats??


The theme this year is to add a touch of weirdness to everyone's lives..

(yes, the theme is exactly the same as last year, because IT WASN'T WEIRD ENOUGH LAST YEAR GUYS. DO BETTER)

Why are you starting sign ups so early?!? it's not even Halloween yet!
Starting sign ups early means giving everyone their assigned giftees early, which means everybody gets their gifts by the end of the year... because nobody is going to be late.. right guys?

Who can Sign up?
Anybody who has a forum account that was created on or before Aug 1st 2013 and has a minimum of 15 substantive posts. However, if you feel you should get special consideration outside of these rules, feel free to PM me. But the decision will be mine in the end.


•If you do not send a present. Your forum account will be banned.
- There is no exception for this. If you can’t afford to send somebody a present. Don’t sign up.
•Pairings will be Random. I’ll try to make sure people don’t get the same gifters/giftees as last year, but no promises.
•Recommended Gift Value is $20. Feel free to spend as much as you want, however, don’t be that jerk that sends somebody a $1 sheet of spider stickers........That's not cool
•This thread is FOR LETTERS TO TUBE AND PICTURES OF BOBCATS ONLY. (also acceptable is fan art of The Great Cardboard Tube in the sky)

•Screw your family, screw your friends, screw your significant other (not the good kind of screwing), and buy your gift for your Giftee FIRST, because you’re going to have to mail the fucking thing.
•Get your present to your Giftee BY Jan 1st. Anytime after that and your risking not being invited back to the gift exchange and/or me sending Moe after you.
•If your gift is going to be arriving after Jan 1st. PM me. Your excuse better be AMAZING.
•Don’t tell me your gift got lost. Pay for tracking.

•When your present arrives, you MUST post on the forums letting everyone know what you got and how amazing it is and thank your Gifter. Failure to comply will result in not being invited back next year.
•Pictures and thank you posts are MANDATORY.
•Open and post about your gift as soon as you receive it. Otherwise tracking you all gets far too difficult.



Step 1: Write a letter to The Great Cardboard Tube in the sky, expressing all of your hopes and desires and things you really don't like.
If your letter sucks, or doesn't say much, your gift giver has my permission to get you a justin beiber toothbrush or a rubber poo.
Step 2: Clicky Here and fill out this form. DO NOT PM ME THIS INFORMATION.

That’s it! You’re signed up!! HOWEVER, if you fail at either of these two steps, I will not add you to the spreadsheet and I won’t go chasing people down.

Deadbeat Gifters
Ok, so this is totally unnecessary because none of you are going to be a deadbeat Gifter. However, If you would like to volunteer to be somebody who is willing to send a gift to somebody who got shafted, please PM me. If you sign up, you are 100% allowed to change your mind later and you don’t have to participate in the gift exchange to do it.



* I reserve the right to change the rules after I've posted them in case I've forgotten something important.

"we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
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    Any posts after this one that are not letters or pictures of your received bobcats will be moved to the other thread.

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  • mysticodemysticode Registered User regular
    Dear The Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky (TM),

    I humbly apologize for forgetting about signing up for Bobcats last year, it was a lapse in memory/attention to detail/pure derpness and I sincerely apologize. I will try to appease your generous presents (or presence, both work), by signing up for Bobcats THIS year.

    I wouldn't call myself a materialistic person in nature, however I do have the tendency to enjoy buying "stuff". I think most geeks would agree, geeky stuff in moderation can be great fun. My recent acquisitions would primarily include building myself a new computer, with the only thing really missing being a solid mechanical keyboard (in which I am waiting on Corsair to release, soooooooooon I hope!). PC gaming is dear to my heart! Some of my favourite titles are World of Warcraft (been playing for 10 years or so now!), Half Life series, and League of Legends.

    One would call me a sci-fi TV/movie junkie, with my honourable mentions being StarTrek TNG, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe, and Battlestar Galactica (new series). I have all of these series already in one form or another, or can access them through Netflix, so that qualms my video needs. I am still on the hunt for a high quality statue of any of the iconic starships from any of these series - all that I've found so far are model kits and I am not a crafty person. I repeat I am NOTcrafty. I cannot craft for my life. This includes any sort of glueing/painting/fabricating. IKEA furniture is the extent I can do, and snapping together plastic bits (you know, like those Gundam model kits!).

    Two years ago for the Bobcat exchange I received a plethora of books from my secret santa, which is great but they have been added to my book queue. I am a slow reader, so any new book I get goes in a queue behind other books... still working to get to a single one of the books I got last time around. I should probably stop burning trees and buy a new Kindle one of these days, you know, save the environment for future generations and the such?

    I'm also tapped out when it comes to geeky shirts, I have so many from many years at PAX and other occasions, that I am starting to get rid of some. Trying to add some more class to my wardrobe as I go about, but why does it always seem like Men's large sizes are the first to go in any store? First world problems to the extreme...

    Thank you for listening The Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky, may the Bobcats flourish in your presence (or was it presents?)

  • AtomicGaryBuseyAtomicGaryBusey Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    From the eldest days you consumed me, oh based god Tube. Allow me to please thee by proffering my most ardent and fluent gifts of sacrifice.

    In the beginning there was naught. A frightful inversion of corpulence. Trying times. From these times I became astute at self-flagellation. But I digress. First I offer a register of physical goods which I seem to enjoy so that ye may bring them all to ruin and cause me misery.

    Item the first: heirloom vegetable seeds. You see, I take pleasure in tending the Earth and forging sustenance from her cheeky face. Destroying this would destroy part of me.

    Item the second: mystical artefacts. Anything to connect me with a true god like yourself allows me time to think my own Tube-free thoughts. This cannot be allowed by one such as yourself.

    Item the third: Anything pertaining to or of the videograph toygame "Daikatana" is most pleasurable. The creator of this venerable tome is said to be a man of immense virility and infinite wisdom. Romero must be heeded lest we fall into the trap of vanity. The game itself is owned multiplex by myself, but memorabilia is not owned. Denying this would cause me great suffering.

    Oh, most honored and time-immense lord of Bobcats, please accept this, my gift of "art", and deign to wreck all I know and love.




    AtomicGaryBusey on
  • DashDDashD Dread Pirate Chef Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Oh, Hippopotamus on the Ceiling! Your malevolence shines....

    wait, wrong letter.

    Dear Cardboard Tube in the Sky,
    Please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket.

    I am an avid collector and consumer of tea (loose-leaf, please!), regional cookbooks, and interesting foodstuffs.
    I have purged my geek shirt supply and am in need of new ones! (women's XXL or men's medium)
    Kittens in a Blender!!!!! (Does that need explanation?)
    An old PS2 recently found a home with me and is looking for some interesting games to play. Right now We have Kingdom Hearts, all the Jak and Daxter games, Katamari Damacy, and FFX-2 (it got lost and I haven't had the heart to tell it to leave yet.) I'm not particularly good at FPS, I have a tendency to get stuck in corners, but I'm a button-masher from WAY back, so games like SoulCalibur are always fun.
    And books! Love books! Any genre, I'll give it a try!

    Thank you, Wonderful Tube, and may your life be filled with bobcats!

    (Watch out for that Hippo on the Ceiling, I hear he's a shifty one!)

    "Brilliant! Oh wait, if we were meant to fly, we would have been born with little bags of nuts."
  • SkeleVaderSkeleVader Your Friendly Dark Lord of Destruction Registered User regular
    To the one they call Cardboard Tube in the Sky, may your tube be ever strong and never bend thus ending the fun of pretending to have a real sword and being bad ass and stuff.

    I love boardgames, especially those that can be played inline at PAX. I have Spot It, Zombie Dice, Pirate Fluxx, Get Bit, Gloom, and thanks to my secret friend last year Munchkin Booty, which was a big hit in the long lines.
    I would love a new game to play. Even a gently used one that is looking for a new home. I have the base CAH game and some boosters, but I am still looking for Pax East packs B & C as well as any of the expansions.

    I also love my sports teams. Seattle Seahawks & WSU Cougars are my drugs of choice. Any type of memorabilia or tailgating gear would be great.

    Here is my Amazon Wishlist for any further ideas: Skelevader's Amazon Wish List

    Thank you & Tubespeed


  • Manic2kManic2k Brotherhood of the Squirrel [AUS]Registered User regular
    Yo Cardboard Tube the sky, it's me Manic2K !

    I am DC comics fan especially Batman and Green Lantern, though I have fallen behind after flash point I hope to catch up with it all soon.
    I am an avid gamer and my room is filled with statues and figure I love surrounding myself with trinkets and things to look at.
    All my clothing is mostly geek culture and I love collecting hoodies, my sizes are either L in shirt or XL in hoodies.

    I'm pretty easy going so there isn't much I don't like :)

    Thanks oh great Cylindrical Cardboard one~!

    Pinny arcade - Pin Pals community page:
    Community Pinny Arcade Trading web site:
    Pinny Arcade - Pin Pals twitter: @PA_PinPals
  • Aussie BenAussie Ben AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Dear Elongated Cardboard Mystery Being,

    I'm Aussie Ben. How's it going? Hope you are having a lovely time.

    I like loads of different things! I'm a huge fan of absurd cartoons, like 80s TMNT (Krang is perhaps the best character ever), Sunbow GI Joe (there's nothing like seeing Cobra Commander drowning in butterscotch). I have all the DVDs for those shows because I am a silly person. I also love the newest TMNT series because it is both funny and actiony. And it has Roseanne Barr as the Mother Kraang. Adventure Time and Regular Show are fun too. Oh, and Batman: Brave and the Bold was great! It was like a sequel to Batman 66, and I really love that!

    Lego is really cool, isn't it! When I went to the Space Needle, I bought a Space Needle lego set. I have a classic series TMNT Michelangelo on my desk. He has 34 points of articulation, and I tell everyone this. Even you! My favourite Pokemon is Meowth.

    I dig comics, as long as they're light in tone (so nothing too awful and gross then). I love Silver Age Superman, Superboy, Jimmy Olsen and Legion of Superheroes (but I am not a dedicated fan). The Brave and the Bold cartoon introduced me to Bat-Mite and Ambush Bug, and now they are two of my favorite characters.

    I really enjoy the website Stupid Comics:

    This may clue you in to my dreadful sense of humour.

    I also like lollies, but who doesn't! Except those Hostess snacks are horrid. I can't believe Spider-Man lied to me for years.

    I don't like things trying to be overly serious. For example, I'd much rather play Crackdown than GTA. I made my own fun in Sleeping Dogs by wearing the Monkey King suit for the entire game, making it unintentionally hilarious.

    Also not a fan of most manga/anime (only a few of them seem to be good to me), first person shooters in general, and mean or gag gifts. Those kinda suck.

    Oh dear, I've gone on for far too long. I do that a lot. Sorry.


    Aussie Ben

  • sacratoysacratoy Colorado, USARegistered User regular
    Howdy, Cardboard Tube in the Sky,

    There are a few things I enjoy, and in no particular order here they are. I enjoy regional candy and novelty snacks. Whenever I find myself in a different US State, or foreign country, I try to find all the chocolate bars I can't get back home so that I can try them. So those are nice (especially Lion, and Bounty bars.... mmmm).

    I also have a soft spot for hand crafted goods. I have a crochet Cthulhu that I found at a craft fair on my desk, and some nice knitted scarfs that I wear when it's cold out. This is free game on hand crafted things. If you find any wicked strange woven sweaters or clothing items, my head is enormous, and I usually wear a size large tall or XL. Bobcat themed goods would be extra special for gifts in this category I think.

    Beyond this, I'm pretty easy, except.... I'm not a fan of comics and comic book heroes. Not really my jam. I'm also not too into things that fall in the fighting game category.

    In all, I hope we can make this forum (and the internet) a very strange place this holiday season. And I will try my damnedest to weird out (and amaze) my giftee.

    Thank you, Cardboard Tube in the Sky.


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  • CaptainTapoleCaptainTapole Awesome in the Possum - Yee-Haw! Northern CaliforniaRegistered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Dear Lover Person,

    I've been watching you I have been doing oh-so well this least my psych warden has told me.

    There has been a rough year financially, but the Money Gods (not the Government) have finally decided to be nice to me (more specifically to The Boyfriend, but really a relief to me.) This is neither here or there though.

    As you know, I am the frog girl. But, why yes, I do love Disney super much as well. Honestly, cut me open as I scream out your name and I keep bleeding love coffee and Mickey Mouse silhouettes.

    You know what else would be awesome to have more of? Your hair for my voodoo dolls Office supplies. One can never too many pens, Post-It notes, Sharpies, clip boards or whatever else some kind of office would need.

    Music is a way into your soul just like those beautiful eyes of yours I want in my possession forever. Maybe something you like to listen to? A mixed CD, you ask? Why, yes. Those are always beautiful things to do--or even create a playlist.

    Ask mostly any girl, and they will express their love for chocolate.

    Well, sadly that is all my psych warden told me to write. There is plenty more like your soft hair and your lushious lips Pinny Arcade or My Little Pony (Applejack and Rainbow Dash!) or Legos or card/board games or even gum as you should never run out of that.

    Okay, psych warden is looking at me funny but youneedtoknowIloveyousomuchandIcannotsyopthinkingaboutyouandIcannotwaituntiltherestrainijgorderhasbeenliftedsoIcanwatchyousleepingagain!

    ~ Tapole
    Warden's Note: Portions of the letter has been screened and redacted prior to approval.

    PS My Loveliest of Love, if you are by chance within the east coast, that dude I am forced to be bound with instead of you requests a packet of Tia Rosa flour tortillas as they are no longer being distributed on the California side of the world.

    CaptainTapole on
    The Girl Who Gave Everyone the Shortest Jenga Game Ever.
  • PedroAsaniPedroAsani Brotherhood of the Squirrel [Prime]Registered User regular
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    Oh Mighty Cylindrical Mulched-Paper Skybeing,

    I have never done this before, but I have recently known the joy of sending and receiving parcels between strangers on the internet, (despite all the warnings from my mother) and wish to continue this heartwarming and slightly creepy trend.

    What do I wish for? Surprise. I believe that if I tell you about myself it narrows the possibilities that I will receive something fantastic that I never knew existed. I want to open a package and find things that are bizarre, astounding, hilarious and maybe even disturbing.

    I offer surprise in return. Whoever I get will have things they say they like, and I will avoid things they say they dislike. But I'll be including things that will hopefully make them feel non-plussed, then incredulous, then excited.

    Please accept my offering, oh Celestial Tubular Cardboard Wonder.

    PedroAsani on
  • VapokVapok Just a Guy. BostonRegistered User regular
    Dear Tube full of cellulose and polymer mixture with generic formula -(CHOH)n,

    I am humbled by your innate interest to listen to our wants, desires, and non-desirable want-nots. Sitting here in your lap of wood pulp and paraffin, I fantasize about that moment in future time, where a package arrives with my name on it, from a far away land. "What's in it?" I ask like a little kid in front of a Christmas tree about to open the largest package under the tree.

    Maybe it's a RC helicopter! I've always wanted one of those, but mom always thought they were dangerous in the house, and keeps yelling "You'll shoot your eye out." Perhaps she's right. Though I can't help imaging myself flying above the rice fields of Vietnam only to be sent to jail because our crack commando unit was wrongfully found guilty for a crime we didn't commit. We persevered by escaping the prison and hiding out in city of Los Angeles surviving as soldiers of fortune! I can't wait to grow up!

    Or maybe it's package of LEGO Bricks! Not to be confused with Eggo Waffles, Legolas the Elf Prince, or Legonard DiCaprio. For my birthday, I received the LEGO R2-D2! It was a blast to put together and took me 4 nights to finish the three assembly books. Which brings me back to a time a few months ago where I attended a session of the New England LEGO User Group. I was so happy to be around other people who loved LEGO Bricks as much as I did. But I kept calling them LEGO's and people kept looking at me weird like I was saying a bad word! It bothered me, so I asked, and was told that it's not "LEGO's" (plural), but rather "LEGO (singular) Bricks". Immediately I was educated and felt like I could build anything. I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

    My mind wanders as I remember that in 1997, I actually saw the movie Titanic 7 times... in the movie theater. Something about Kate Winslet in the movie, I could never put my finger on it, but she was pretty amazing. That scene where she's running circles around the E Deck Crew Mess Hall like she was in some kind of weird, ho-down... Yeah that's my favorite part! So spinny! Oh and she had some nude scene too, but I thought it was too artsy. Never have I watched that movie again. I would be devastated if that large gift that I'm about to open would the collector's edition VHS, DVD, Blue-Ray, and Digital Download copy of that movie. It would like getting another pair of argyle socks. No Thank You!

    Alas, I'm sure that by now the manufacturing process that you've sustained in order to actually be an entity is breaking down the corn starch glue holding you together. Speaking of glue, when I was a kid, I remember taking bottles of Elmer's glue and pouring it over my arms and hands. I'd rub it all over like a lotion and then wave my hands in the air, or out a car window to dry. I'd spend HOURS peeling it off! So much fun. Though I think that's what cause me to have the impulse need to peel off the plastic protective stickers on electrical devices. I mean *laugh* come on.. who keeps those things on there?

    Thanks for listening Cardboard Tube. At the end of the day, I'm looking forward to the surprise, and whether or not I get a $20 ITunes Gift Card or $20 dollars worth of coal (which isn't really coal, but a chocolate candy with gooey filling), whatever you decide is the best gift to give me, I'll be most gracious.

    Looking forward and hope that soon I will have all the bobcats!


    Your's Truly,



  • Lady LilybellLady Lilybell Geeky Crafter & Baker South Shore, MARegistered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Dear Spiritual Cardboard Tube in the Heavens,

    A year has passed in our lives and I feel we never talk anymore like we should. I have been faithful in my offering of cardboard tube sacrifices ever week. I look forward to this time of year when I can share your brothern cardboard boxes with another who writes you. I'll keep my written list ideas under the twenty dollar suggestion. There are some other items on the Amazon list a bit higher.

    Books: New/Used Paperbacks or Kindle Books.
    --I love Star Trek: TNG novels. I own 15 books and none are post Nemesis except The Cold Equations series.
    --Doctor Who novels. 10th/Rose or 11th/Rory/Amy
    --Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Time-Travel
    --Do you have a favorite book you think I would love?

    General Ideas:
    -Disney Nerd. Mickey has been my top mouse since my youth and Tink is the fairy for me.
    -I could use a new coffee travel mug for work.
    -I drink tea during the cold months. I prefer tea bags, some fruity flavor and make sure it's caffinated.
    -I love crafted items.
    -I enjoy the games most six years play on my 360. I own all the Lego games except Indiana Jones & it's sequel. I enjoy my handful of Skylanders. I only have the starter trio & Jack Skelly for Disney Infinity.
    -I love custom CAH cards.

    I think I have covered my bases. I bid thee ado great tube of the sky.
    Your geeky gal,
    Lady Lils

    I have a wish list of The Amazon:

    Lady Lilybell on
    I ♥ making awesome crafts! I ♥ my Cookie Brigaders!
  • NullzoneNullzone Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Dear Tube-desu,

    I have tried to be good to all the hedgehogs out there in hopes of earning your favor. I hope you can find time in your busy schedule of discussing animes to bestow upon me a gift?

    To put it succinctly, I like tabletop games! If you're looking at board games, I have a fairly sizable collection, so I would check there first before buying anything. (There's a wishlist in there too, in case that helps.) I also play Magic, Netrunner, and am starting an X-Wing collection, so these (or relevant accessories, such as casino dice, pro-matte sleeves, or any cool X-Wing accessories) are also welcome. I also play RPGs and subscribe to the Wil Wheaton school of "you can never have too many dice", so that is a cool thing too.

    I do have a steam account if you want to send me games there, but I don't find myself playing a ton of videogames regularly and have a pretty sizable library already. Still, if there's something that's like "omg you have to play this!" then I won't be upset to see it :D

    I also dig anything crafted or that you think is way cool. If it was made with love and care, I'm sure it's awesome. <3

    Other misc fandoms that may inform gift choices include comics (Atomic Robo and Harley Quinn being two favorite characters), the Whedonverse, anime (esp mecha), The Protomen, MLP, Sherlock, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Haloverse...I also like and read books occasionally (heists/capers/espionage stories are awesome!) though it happens a lot less frequently these days for time reasons.

    Hopefully this note finds you well and makes your gift giving season a little easier. Keep being kawaii~


    PS- I think I noted it in my BGG profile but I don't like CAH, so steer clear of that one, kthxbye <3

    Nullzone on
  • MagicSwordKingMagicSwordKing | (• ◡•)|╯╰(❍ᴥ❍ʋ) PhiladelphiaRegistered User regular
    edited November 2013
    O Great Cardboard Tube of the Sky, hearken to me, thine Magic Sword King.

    In this most special of years I seek to strengthen the bonds of fellowship with my fellow Arcadians, pledging my humble service to you and your bobcats. Last year was one of great hardship, and despite my greatest wish, I could not participate in such a celebration of thine glory. I shall endeavor to make this up to you, for I shall celebrate your Cardboard Glory with the zeal of ten men!

    My requests are humble, as I am a man of simple delights. I enjoy fine scotch, the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, comic books (Especially Sandman, Transmetropolitan, and Green Lantern), Mass Effect, Doctor Who, and all manner of strange and novel fare. I have been known to build the occasional Gundam Model, much like my esteemed counterpart mysticode, as I am partial to Master Grade fare, though I would not impose such extravagance on your Tubular Tubeness. I am fond of Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Bee and Puppycat, such whimsical jests are these!
    Unlike Lord mysticode, I have a truly legendary collection of starship replicas already! In fact, should other servants of the Tube require aid in locating such treasures, I would be glad to offer my counsel. And of course, I am ever fond of swords.

    While I enjoy great art in poster form and otherwise, it saddens me to say that my palace doth overflow with such treasures! Surely there is not room enough left to hold yet more framed portraiture! Like so many, I have no need of nerdy t-shirts, either, for my dresser drawers are filled to bursting with such riches. Video Games are indeed a preferred pastime of mine, but with certain unenlightened attitudes among family members I have taken to purchasing all my games myself, that I might direct their attentions elsewhere. This is not to mention the truly mighty Pile of Shame I work to chip away at. And of course as Lord Chronicler of the Tychonian Guard, I despise Gabrielists and their insipid paraphernalia! And while my talents are indeed many, I know not the ways of the craftlords, for mine are people of the abstract, and we toil in the wordsmithies of the mind, not the forges of the Earth.

    It is with great honor that I submit this, my letter to you, O Great Cardboard Tube. I trust in your wisdom, your sturdiness, and the sharpness of your bobcats claws.

    Namárië estel enta lúmë,
    HRH King Andrew of the Magic Sword, Chronicler of the Guard, Chosen of Brahe, Keeper of the SIDs, Senior Editor, Honorary Alphanaut, Lord of Minas Macil and the crazed lands beyond.

    MagicSwordKing on
    Aperture Safety Personal Observation Tester for Aperture Testing and Observation, Honorary Alphanaut, Grandmaster of the Tychonian Guard, Chronicler of the House of Brahe, Senior Editor for Mustache News, Agent of O.S.P.R.E.Y., PAX COPS Detective Inspector, and PAX Tours Saboteur.

    "I think he starts in reality and ends in fantasy."
    "No he starts in fantasy and ends in chaos."
  • Little Miss RachelLittle Miss Rachel Geek Chick Before Geek Was Chic Idahoan ExileRegistered User regular
    edited October 2013
    O Mythic Tube of Legend and Lore,

    Another year has passed with none of my users receiving death or even serious maiming by my hands, no matter how much they deserved it, and so I once again place myself at your mercy and beg granting of another boon at this time of festivity and crass materialism.

    As ever I am a devotee of the arcane arts of cardboard, dice, and meeples. The boons granted to me last year have brought many hours of joy to my life! My collection is vast and varied, and yet never vast and varied enough. Odd, twisted, and/or complicated appeal to me; and while all manner of cardboard delights do, in fact, delight, my collection could perhaps do with more of the board, and less of the card.

    Being, as I am, a denizen of the IT world, my heart is cold and dark; thus I must rely on external sources to bring warmth to my insides. Preparations from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, the fruit of plants of the genus capsicum, such things bring warmth, if not light, to that hollow place.

    Unlike the bobcats this season brings, I lack a pelt to keep out the chill the season also brings. Substitutes for such a pelt, hats and scarves and socks and shawls and gloves and the like will keep my outsides from being as icy as my heart.

    Tube of Destiny, hear my plea. Grant unto this supplicant your generous boons once more.

    P.S. I almost forgot to add: in an effort to relearn some of the arts of Humanity which working in IT have purged from my being, I have been watching an educational series on how Friendship is Magic. Supplemental materials for this education may help in my quest to return my withered heart to at least a Grinch-like 'two sizes too small'.

    Little Miss Rachel on
  • FrugusFrugus Photographer MontrealRegistered User regular
    Chère Tube dans le Ciel,

    I've been busy at work, but then again, what is new? Actually, yeah not much. The office is almost like a second home to me, speaking of which I should build a shrine in your honor so that everyone there knows who I worship! I still plan on going to PAX so that I can catch up on my geek urges (which still boil strong).

    When I do get time off I can't help myself but play some Kerbal Space Program. I like the game so much it got me interested in all kinds of space-y things. Whenever I'm not doing that, which is rare, I get the urge to get back to Starcraft II, which I am not doing, which is bad. My zerglings needs to feed! So yeah. Gaming. Gaming is the big thing right now. Steam has been an expensive mistress of late! I don't care that I have a backlog that's as long as my arm. Actually both arms. It's my bat cave and my gaming rig is my bat mobile!

    I also enjoy board games. I'm new to them and get to indulge every time I go to PAX East. Actually that's the last time I bought some, so anything since then is a safe bet. And yeah, though I really, really really like playing Magic The Gathering, I have not been doing anything on that front since last year. I currently wonder if I will ever pick up some cards again.

    On the less geeky side of things, I've noticed lately that I have literally nothing interesting to listen too. I mean... nothing. Not that I don't like music. I LOVE music, but damn it if I can't get that last Grammy's performance out of my head. I wonder where the good music has gone. I miss the Led Zeppelin days, and The Black Keys are... Well... I'm not sure I liked their last album too much. I'm actually quite open minded when it comes to music, and I guess what I'm saying is that I would love to hear something that I have not already heard 1000 times on the radio already.

    I can't wait to hear from you again this year Monsieur Tube!

    Frugus Eggbeater
  • purevalpureval Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    My dearest Cardboard Tube,

    You may remember from years past that I have a wide variety of interests. I love Star Wars, Magic: The Gathering, nutcrackers, Disney and super heroes. I own all of the Nintendo systems (except for the Virtual Boy which continues to be my unicorn) and have a PS2 and I just recently acquired a PS3 which I only have a few games for. I also have a Dreamcast that I have very few games for. Please recall due to motion sickness I can not play first person games. Thanks to rather poor customer service I avoid Steam like the plague and am not a big fan of PC gaming anyways.

    I have a Kindle Fire and would love books for that. I mostly enjoy fiction (I have been on a kick of Mafia/crime stories lately) although books on the history of video games (especially my beloved Nintendo) are welcome.

    I have been trying to collect the hardcover collections of The Walking Dead comics. I have the first 2 but greatly desire the rest. Any sort of collectible from The Walking Dead would find a loving home as well.

    I am a Pinny Arcade Pin Pal. My collection can be seen on the Facebook page
    . My main quest right now is for the PAX AUS and Prime pins I am missing, especially the PAX Aus Chandra pin. I have not yet acquired the Lookouts or Twisp and Catsby sets either.

    I have an extensive wishlist on Amazon which I do need to clean up a little bit.

    I am lactose intolerant so any edible items need to be lactose free (Lactaid milk is fine). I float between XXL and XL for shirt size. I am on the larger side now but am working on losing weight (again).

    pureval on
  • Kiss Me GoodByeKiss Me GoodBye Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Dear oh magical conch of cardboard tubes,

    I know I haven't been as active here as I should though the magical gift giving that brings light in the sad world that we live brings me hope and joy.

    As much as I love giving, it's always nice to receive (mostly to confuse my parents and sister with why I receive random gifts in the mail and they don't lol). I'm a pretty simple person who loves computer gadgets and such. I love video games, my little pony, catbug, etc. I'm pretty simple haha. Here's my amazon wishlist of random for reference: --- note: I have a lot of random in thee...just bypass my random ikea wants and expensive things lmao

    In all, I'll be happy with anything. Tis the season to be giving! <3 Love ya'll! <3

    Nikki / Squid


    Kiss Me GoodBye on
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  • QuintiousQuintious Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Oh Vile and Mean-Spirited Cardboard Deity,

    You may have all the others tricked into thinking that you're nice and warm and that you reward good behaviour and civility, but I know better. For, you see oh brown layer-pressed paper, I live in Seattle, and frequently drive through Tacoma. I've partaken of the stench that is your odour. I know no loving deity could ever intentionally be so foul. It's OK - you're allowed to be who you were meant to be around me. You can pay lip service to all these other saps who think their good deeds are what you seek. I know what really curls your toes. Allow me to provide a rundown of my deeds for the year:

    -I kicked a kitten
    -I helped a matronly old grandmother across the street - and then stole her walker
    -I voted for a Democrat candidate in one race. And a Republican in another. I therefore seemingly support both sides of a coin with 2 asses. Forgive my other independent votes, for I had to throw off the scent.
    -I told *at least* 6 adults there was no Santa Claus
    -I once killed a tomato just to watch it die
    -I routinely kicked my ball out of deep rough "on accident" without taking the necessary stroke penalties. Oh, and even though I was stone cold sober, I would routinely drive my cart around as though I were drunk just because it amused me.
    -I went to a free car wash - and donated nothing to get those little bastards to Summer camp
    -I've had many, many, many impure thoughts about Karen Gillam and Emma Stone. On that same note, I still find Brittney and Lindsay kind of hot in a skanky "I'm sure I could fix them" sort of way.
    -Sent at least 4 people to AA for an eggnog addiction

    No doubt, people who claim to "know me" will stand up and state unequivocally that most of these deeds are lies and that I didn't actually do them, and to those people I say WELL PROVE IT! Yeah yeah, so I've dutifully paid my taxes and bought some government bureaucrat a car even though they do nothing and host events to bring tabletop gamers together and organize foodie events for fun and I spoil people in Secret gift-giving events given that they're about the only people I have to buy for, which has the byproduct of bringing laughter and a sense of togetherness amongst a group, but I'm only human - I mean, we're all flawed; if we weren't we'd be deities too, right?

    I think my body of work speaks for itself. I get that this distresses you because finding something for the bloke who always has everything is a chore and a half, but I think you're up to the challenge. Here, I'll even help you out. I'm into tabletop games, and have a Wishlist on BGG ( located here) even though I still have a lot of work to do to keep it fully populated. Are you originally from another country, oh pulpy one? I do love receiving artisan cheeses, meats, jams, confections and candies from countries other than the US. I even have an Amazon list located here, although I've really got to populate it with reasonably priced things as I assume you haven't won the lottery this year, given that you still hang out in Tacoma and all. I also recall being inexorably morose over my failure to secure a "Bigger, Blacker Box" from the Cards Against Humanity people at PAX. They said they would be available to the public later, but my pride was too great to look. Or you could just send me Karen Gillam in person. That'd totally be acceptable.

    Your partner in crime,


    Quintious on
  • BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Dearest Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky,
    I don't want to bore you with how amazing I am because there isn't enough bandwidth and I am sure there is a limit on how long forum posts can be & and I am fairly certain you weren't allowed in the Vegas clubs so you will never know how bad I was.
    With that said, lets get to my likes and dislikes.

    I love the PNW, Seattle and tea. I recently adopted a handicap kitty and really enjoy gifts for him. You can see from my instagram, I follow him everywhere! Beyond, sweaters, scarfs and tea, I love everything ocean or nautical related. Sailboats, seagulls and sandy beaches are at the top of my list. I am tiny, size xs and about 103lbs. I love to sleep. I also enjoy sweet or salty foods over savory or spicy. I do not like zombies, horror and gore. Please, save it for someone else, it gives me nightmares. I also do not like nicknacks. If I am gifted something, I would either like to use it as decoration (see: Nautical) or use it. A mug, candles, a shot glass, stretch armstrong, stress ball, mirror, force field, sonic screwdriver etc. You know, stuff you need daily. I also really enjoy volunteering and giving to charity. If you find my list too daunting, you could send me a letter saying you donated $20 to a local charity. Charities that I like giving to: The Humane Society, my local mental health facility and food banks.

    p.s. When it comes to gaming, I use my PC. I have just about everything I could want for it<3 I really enjoy CAH but only have the 3rd expansion & PAX cards. Someday I will buy the starter box, and expansions 1 & 2 and the Big Black Box. I really enjoy Final Fantasy and have a moogle tattoo.

    So, in conclusion, I like run on sentences and commas, the end.
    -me (Rebecca W)

    BombClancy on
    what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!
  • KwaizyKwaizy PAX AUS Enforcer Manager CanberraRegistered User regular
    Hi Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky,

    I hope you're doing well. I been using a representation of you to smite evil and siblings all year. I hope this pleases you.

    One of my PAX friends @SmallLady said I could request a present from you, even though this is only my 5th post on the Forums in 7 years! It takes dedication to be that lazy in writing.

    I work as an IT nerd, and love just about all Nerdy/Geeky things. I'm not a fan of Nuts, but living on a beautiful tropical island with EXTREME quarantine laws pretty much means that no food presents are getting through anyway. I go by Kwaizy, and feel that sums me up pretty well.
    I have a podling on the way, that's right, I'm making the world a Little Kwaizy! I'm a roller Derby Ref, Patrick Kwaizy and rock the XL size. I'm a huge PA fan and have been reading since the start and have been at 5 PAXes so far and plan to attend many more now that I have a local one Only 700km rather than 17000km.

    So, Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky I hope you find me a nice match, I'm perfectly ok with sending a gift internationally if it means I can add some randomness to the annual Bobcat Sharing Scheme.

    Yours Kwaizyily,

    Say it with flowers, Send a Triffid.
    Sanity is a slippery slope, and I'm wearing Teflon shoes.
  • rileyperrileyper Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Dear Cardboard Tubing

    Been good this year, working hard to get my tickets to pax east next year for my third trip.
    I love swag from gaming events whether it be pax e3 or even local comic/anime cons (pins buttons capes scarfs apparel(3XL) hats swag bags)
    I love computer gizmos mice keyboards or even usb crap
    I love Penny Arcade
    Did I mention i love swag
    I'm new to board the gaming scene. I already own fluxx (oz star Cthulhu), dixit, munchkin deluxe, cards against humanity (w/pax east/prime expansion and bbbox but don't have any of the other expansions 1 2 3 and xmas), but i want to try more games.

    Thanks in advance.


    rileyper on
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  • KirindalKirindal Registered User regular
    Grandmaster Cardboard Tube,

    May your great Working be accomplished so that all may benefit from your wisdoms. I would like to report that the cell is working mightily to accomplish the project that you have set before us. Although there have been complications, we are making headway in softening the wills and minds of the public to be more receptive to the words of the Order. The overseer you have sent us continues to provide us needed guidance and his vigilance has ensured that there has been no corruption within our ranks.

    However, much as we will continue to strive to accomplish with local resources; we require additional reinforcement in order to complete this project in a timely manner. The locals have shown a receptiveness to gaming as a method to worm into their hearts. Since they are still inexperienced, they will be easily satisfied with those of a board-based vector. They show a primary interest in those involving strategies of some sort, but will be content with others. The locals also will be easily lulled by those of a fantastical or empyrean nature.

    Also Project Fahrenheit Ascendant has run into a significant snag. We lack sufficient covers to disguise our doctrinal pamphlets before covertly inserting them onto the shelves at the local library. According to Brother Ashley, he estimates that maximum dissemination of the pamphlets will occur if we subvert books or video materials in the following genres: Cooking, Science Fiction/Fantasy, and Foreign Animation.

    Subversion via drawing interest via music has been an humiliating failure. When Sister Alex attempted to engage the local populace through mentioning interest in 'the kicking tunes of Dean Martin and the Beach Boys', they laughed and reported her to the local constables. She barely managed to escape to our safehouse. She requests that her knowledge of music performers needs to be updated to more recent times and if she demonstrates sufficient knowledge she will be able to engage the locals much more successfully.

    Grandmaster, I am aware that there are unfriendly eyes who are always watching and that any mass movement of resources may trigger their attentions. So therefore to expect the Council to fulfill all of these requests would be unreasonable. If you could persuade them to allocate resources to at least one of our dilemmas, I would be most grateful. Otherwise, if none of these requests can be granted, please have them send whatever resources can be spared and we will improvise.

    All Regards,

  • PRDPRD Kristin Lindsay I am a meat popsicle.Registered User regular
    Dear Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky,

    Hello. I never believed this would happen to me, but here I am.... requesting admission to Secret Bobcats 2013. I am completely prepared... nay, enthusiastically prepared... to bobcat harder.

    Things that I love:

    Mass Effect
    Animal Crossing
    World of Warcraft
    House Hufflepuff
    The Avengers (Black Widow, Hawkeye, Agents of SHIELD)
    video game art
    knitted things (scarves, amigurumi)

    Things that make me go "meh":

    horror, gore, zombies, things that are scary (because I am a big sissy)
    sexy anthropomorphic animals
    rubber poo
    household chores

    I sometimes wear clothing and XXL ladies' shirts fit best.



  • msuroomsuroo Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Dearest Cardboard Tube in the Sky

    Although not the most active of forumers, I humbly request admission into Secret Bobcats 2013. I can promise nothing other than the enthusiasm that the Bobcats warrant, and appreciation for the thought and effort given to any gift I am fortunate enough to receive. (And thue rules, I promise to follow the rules.)

    As to my hopes and desires, I ask to be paired with an individual with shared interests! (Do they hang out here? We probably have shared interests.) In all seriousness, there't not a whole lot of things I don't like - and the kinds of things that people that hang out here do like don't often fall on that list.

    But because I'm not a creative individual, and know that it will help me to have a few bullets for whomever is the recipient of my givings, here's a few for me:

    Things I Like
    Pinny Arcade (Gabe created a monster here)
    Board Games (Library includes Netrunner, Dominion, Ticket to Ride, Kingdom Builder, the Resistance, Pandemic, Escape)
    Art (Always looking for neat stuff to pin up in my cubicle)
    Geeky stuff for my offspring (2.5 yo boy and 0.5 yo girl as of the 2013 holiday season)
    Sportsball teams (MSU Spartans and Detroit Tigers, specifically)
    Consumables will never go to waste in the Roo household (scotch and bourbon are fun, but even fruitcake gets eaten around here)
    and Mickey Mouse. (Seriously, he's the best)

    Things I still very much like, but will be harder to get use out of
    Shirts - M/L size, depending on brand (Mrs Roo has pretty strict guidelines about what I'm allowed to leave the house in - stuff like PA merch does not pass muster)
    Computer/video games (There's a whole lot less time to play games by myself these days, hence the primary shift to board games)
    Books (See: computer/video games)

    That said, if threre's a shirt/game/book you really like, I'll probably like it too. And given the source, I'll make an even bigger effort to wear/play/read it. So there's that.

    Things I really don't care for
    Justin Beiber toothbrush
    Rubber poo

    Seriously, I'm easy.



    msuroo on
  • QuickSnapQuickSnap Professional Beard Grower Registered User regular
    Dear Satan Great and Powerful Oz Benevolent Bobcat wielding Cardboard Tube

    For many years I have participated in this festivus tradition with great pride and enthusiasm. Getting to pick out that perfect gift or gifts for someone, to see them fester in anticipation till they finally open their package, it's one of the highlights of my year.

    Last year, my Bobcat got me some amazing records which even now a year later, still get pretty heavy rotation; I am overwhelmingly excited for this year's festivities. To that end, here's the lowdown on some suggestions.

    My Amazon wishlist reads like a running tally of both things I really want, and random bullshit I think is cool and save for later. Over the gifting season, I'll be going through and adding more stuff to it as things catch my attention; I'll put priorities on things I have more interest in.

    Things I like:

    Vice - Beer, Whisky/Scotch, Cigar, and leather goods. I like the finer things in life but they can be pricey. Still, always nice to have.
    Music - Heavy metal and Rock primarily, but I've been on a huge Jazz kick recently.
    Books, Art & Culture - I'm a gamer/geek through and through; no stranger to games (of either table top or vidya), video game/comic art or posters, but I'm also a romantic and a history major; There are certain things that interest me for purely self-indulgent reasons.
    Misc Technology & Gadgets - This is a really broad category. When in doubt, pick something and go for it; I'm really easy to please.
    Food - Either gourmet or home made snacks and treats; I'm not picky!

    Things I do not like:

    Times of adversity and great hardship
    Being called an alcoholic instead of the Beer & Spirit Aficionado that I am
    The New England Patriots

    ...Those dislikes are a little abstract in retrospect but you get the idea. Literally anything you choose to get is more than acceptable; just keep an eye on the list, use your best judgement and go nuts. ;-)

    I can't wait to see what you come up with!


  • APacManAPacMan Philadelphia, PARegistered User regular
    Greatest Cardboard Tube from the Skylands above, ever watchful of our doings and desires:

    This humble one is prepared to give unto another as you would give unto him. Though you ken my heart's desires, let your piercing gaze penetrate distance, time and flesh to share the innermost wishes of your other humble acolytes.

    As you are Omnipotently aware, my work-desk lacks small items and images of geek culture. In your name, I labor for the benefits of my fellow man in a government setting. As such I would request a boon of subtle yet recognizable geekery. A coffee mug would be most fitting, though lapel pins, cuff-links, socks, tie clips, wall-adornments, or small hand-made gifts are dear to me as well. I also adore thoughtful surprises that are not in those forms, and will be happy to display at home if not work-appropriate. As the construct that watches over us, your thoughts can be difficult to ken. Let me be more specific to what I mean in a form your subjects call a "list."

    Bobcat themes that would bring rapture to my heart:
    Mass Effect, Bioshock, Steampunk, Assassins' Creed, The Avengers, Geek/Video-game Art, Lovecraftian Horror, Firefly/Serenity, Poetry relating to these themes

    Bobcat themes that would bring darkness and sorrow to my squishy blood-pump:
    Offensive items (The Cardboard Tube is as thoughtful as it is made of cardboard)
    Consumable items (Their enjoyment is all too fleeting)
    Calendars (I have no 'time' for them *chuckle*)

    This is my first participation, and my resources are well stocked. I have such bobcats to give, and am eager to challenge myself to provide a bobcat for the ages. While I am not gifted with nimble hands, my imagination abounds and 'crafty' friends are eager to assist me. I would prefer to be paired with someone for whom I can spend a good amount of time finding/making a grand bobcat indeed. I pledge to squeal with delight in whole-hearted honesty at whatever form my bobcat takes (whether or not it be related to my list), and to put irrational amounts of thought into the bobcat which I shall provide.

    Your Faithful Bobcat Tamer,

    We've heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could produce the complete works of Shakespeare; now, thanks to the Internet, we know that is not true. -Robert Wilensky

    Twitter: @APacManSays
  • zeromystzeromyst wat Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Dear cardboardian tubeage floating somewhere above in the wild blue yonder,

    I am a simple man. I am not hard to please. But you know this already. Let me not waste anymore of your time and get right to it. You may have heard that I will be acquiring one of those newfangled PlayStation 4's due to release soon. It would be lovely if you could bestow upon me a PSN card so I may fill this device with binary 0's and 1's of entertainment.

    Moving on, you may have noticed I have started a small collection of Funko Pop! vinyl figures. I have collected all of the Avengers and my favorite Marvel supervillain, Dr. Doom. Nothing would make me more happy to receive any video-game, Walking Dead or a Game of Thrones vinyl figure. Honestly I'd be happy with any figure, as long as it's not the aforementioned Avengers or Dr. Doom.

    My one last request is fairly simple. I am an big fan of superhero/supervillain art (in particular Dr. Doom). I'll take any type of art. Poster, painting, pins or whatever it may be.

    Before I depart, here is a quick list of things I do not like.

    -Spiders (nuke from orbit, etc.)
    -Coconut (seriously, not allergic or anything I just don't like it)
    -Socks (I have enough, seriously. SO MUCH SOCKS)

    BFF's forever,

    zeromyst on
  • griff6659griff6659 Syracuse , NYRegistered User regular
    Oh Transcendent Tube of Cardboard in the Sky,

    I wish to be part of your secret club who sends bobcats to people. I seem to have one in my backyard that is looking for a good home although I don’t think he would appreciate the shipping process so you might have to use some of your magic to teleport him there. On to things that would be more productive then asking you to do parlor tricks!

    I am a tabletop who enjoys Warmachine/Hordes and X-Wing, both of which I recommend you try sometime! It’s always fun assembling a model and painting it a way that you would like.

    I also do enjoy board games that can be played with 2+ people. I play Cards Against Humanity every chance I can. I have other games like Bannanagrams, Risk, and Settlers of Catan. I’m always willing to try new games.

    There are a few other things I like such as dice and pint glasses. I can never have enough dice, I just love getting a new set and breaking them out for a game of D&D or Warmachine/Hordes. I also have been collecting pint glasses lately and would love to continue having my collection grow!

    I also have a pitiful amount of game related clothing (Men’s 3x).

    There aren’t many things I dislike, but I can tell you for sure I do not like Justin Beiber toothbrushes or rubber poo. Well I would use that rubber poo for a prank or two, but not something I would like! As much as I would love something to eat, I would not like anything consumable as it wouldn’t last long enough!

    These are all ideas, but at the end of the day you have the last say in what I shall receive, and I have faith in you oh omnipresent Tube of Cardboard in the Sky!

    Your follower,

    Well, that is a thing!

    PAX East 2014:
    Hotel [x] Transportaion [Driving] Passes [x] Challenge Coin [Soon]

  • Lady AmaltheaLady Amalthea Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    To the Great and Powerful Cardboard Tube in the Sky:

    This will be my very first Bobcat exchange and I look forward to both the giving and receiving of geeky goods. Thank you, oh great one, for this blessing.

    I am a board game fanatic and am always looking for new and fun games to play. My favorite games are Coup, Settlers, Lords of Waterdeep (though I don't actually own that one), BSG, Space Cadets, and DungeonQuest. I also love Tabletop RPGs, D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder mostly, but I am getting into some of the less well known ones as well. I own a PS2 and a PS3 though I am not very good at keeping up with the new games these days having put a lot of my attention on TT gaming.

    I like random cool things. I have a Dalek alarm clock, yepp I am that cool. Things I am into: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Trek, Firefly, Buffy, BSG (Starbuck is THE Best), Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Cool Posters, and Things that have fluff inside of them.

    I am also a huge comic book fan! My favorites are X-Men, the Teen Titans, and the Bat-Family. My favorite characters are Jean Grey and Nightwing.

    That's pretty much it, Mr. Tube. Except for things I don't like. I don't really need clothes or comic books ( I have tons and tons) and I don't like the Beiber, Twilight, or Rubber Poo (also known as twilight). I think the reasons are pretty clear.

    That being said, I'm just happy to be apart of. Thanks, Giant Tube in the Sky!

    True believer,

    Lady Amalthea

    Lady Amalthea on
    Who is going to PAX South?
  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    To his almighty tubeness,

    It is my sincerest hope that you never get inadvertently tossed into the recycle bin by Odin ever again. Yes we mortals are well aware of the troubles you and other deities get themselves into, especially when Odin starts bragging about the removal of ice giants. I mean come on, can't he let it go?

    Anyway I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to send me some trinkets from the ether via one of your many minions. Although I would prefer you not to send a bobcat. Those things are the strict preserve of PAX passes and have no place for acting as a gift. Like they say, a Bobcat is for 3/4 days during PAX and not for life.

    As to what I do want from you on cylindrically shaped one then I can muster a few suggestions. I actually quite like gaming paraphanila. The kind of stuff that can sit on the shelf or be stuck on a wall. This includes pictures, paintings, figurines and sculptures. As to what sort of games, well I enjoy the Warcraft universe, Bioshock and indie game related stuff, such as games that are made by The Behmoth for example. I am, however, not a fan of Pokemon. Not because I don't like it, but more due to the fact that I know zero about it as I have never played a Pokemon game. Yes you read that correctly.

    I also adore tabletop games, but I would warn against you buying me one! I'm about to come across as really elitist here, so I shall apologise in advance. But the fact is I'm a member of the world's largest tabletop group and am very well stocked with games. Many of which are painfully obscure to the point where the rules of the last game I bought are all in German. It's about building towers in renaissance Italy. Seriously, I'm not kidding. It's really good though :)

    As for video games, I'm similarly well stocked as my pile of shame attests. I also live in Old Timey Land aka UK hence region locking issues can present a problem, so do shy away from that too.

    The same goes for books, films and music. I buy all of that kind of thing digitally these days and the films will end up with region locking issues thanks to studios living in 1952.

    Thanking you in advance oh mighty Tubeness of Cardboard.



  • parabolaparabola Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Dear Magical Tubing of Cardboard,

    You are always wonderful at giving awesome shiznit thus I don't really need to say anything... But I will give you some help this year anyways.

    I like Magic the Gathering. I don't really need random cards, but anything sweet is welcome... And current boosters are also welcome (current set is Theros!).

    Sweet two player board games would be cool. I like RPG/D&D/Fantasy stuff.

    I also like random geeky stuff, think thinkgeek.

    I'm Vancouver Canadian so stuff that is local to you is cool... Awesome food, chocolate, beverages or anything you think is cool there.

    I have a PS3 and a PC. I like all sorts of games, anything you think I should play would be welcome. I would stay away from AAA titles though, I tend to buy most of the ones I like as soon as they come out.

    And really whatever you think I might enjoy is welcome. Surprises can be nice.



    parabola on
  • cookiekrushcookiekrush Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Dear Magical Cardboard Tube,

    This would be the first time I'll be hopefully partaking in the magical bobcat exchange.

    I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan, mostly the older ones, though I really enjoyed FF13. My favorite is FF6. My secret obsession is the Harvest Moon series. I love playing new board and card games, I'm fairly new at the scene. Mostly just played Fluxx/Zombie Fluxx and CAH.

    I love random geeky/dorky/nerdy things (figures, books, random goodies). Fandoms are Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars (IV-VI), Disney, Sailor Moon, Ponies, Attack On Titan, Firefly, DC and Marvel.

    I'm always on the lookout for awesome knitted/crochet goodies. Slouch hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, scarves. I'm also a beginner crocheter, so additional hooks would be awesome. I'm supposed to be taught how to knit very soon.

    Magnets that are SFW, but anything that is awesome, witty, cute would be great to decorate my work cube with.

    If nothing above is detailed enough, my Amazon wish list is here. It has many random things. (I hope it loads properly...)

    The only thing I do not ask for is anything with the color pink. I do not know why, because I really don't like the color pink.

    Anything witty, cute, adorable, I'm not picky at all. Just thankful to hopefully be a part of this. :)

    cookiekrush on
    Pinny Pals - open to trading!
    Looking for Edith Finch Pin!
  • DelaneyDelaney Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Dear Great Cardboard Tube in the Sky,

    I humbly beseech your pardon for having been unwittingly ignorant of your transcendent glory. Despite the prevalence of my heretofore unknowingly-made sacrifices to your ubiquitous mightiness, until now I have lived in ignorance. I have been saved by my enduring love of gaming and geekery which originally led me to this Interwebs-powered haven seeking advice on a pilgrimage to the East. Not only did I find the information I sought, but I have also found kindred souls and enlightenment. Your mercy truly works in mysterious ways.

    For my first step towards redemption, I do indeed wish to Bobcat Harder this year. Past impressions received from friends and associates would indicate that I can indeed weird quite well at times. Should you decide to accept my homage, I would quite enjoy the challenge of being a Secret Bobcat tasked with bringing the joy of geeky weirdness to another by making such pleasing offerings to them as you command.

    As you would surely be able to divine were you to honor me with your tubular regard, many of my own interests reflect my inherently nerdy and geekish soul. I am foremost a gamer and my current focus has turned from the computer towards tabletop and RPG gaming. I own precious few games thus far and hope to build a good collection in time. I am a life-long devoted fan of any and all things Tolkien as well as a fan of Dr. Who, Torchwood, Star Wars, Star Trek, Paul and Storm, Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Coulton, and Winnie the Pooh to name a few. I read voraciously, particularly in the fantasy and science fiction genres and I quite appreciate webcomics, especially Sheldon, Drive, and Sinfest. I adore cats. Indeed my household contains many felines who will no doubt appreciate the Bobcat talisman. The crafting and cooking gods are honored in my home as well. I find the color green quite lovely, as are jewel tones in general.

    As far as my wishes go, any games to add to my small collection would be wonderful. Small items such as dice, figurines, etc, that would aid my 4e rogues in killing things and taking their stuff are also desirable. Items to amuse are always enjoyed: toys, desk items, little figurines, etc. Random items of warmth are of interest as I recently moved to a much colder clime that the one in which I had been living. And as all mere mortals, I can always use and/or need garments. I like my tops loose (x-large) especially as I often like to sleep in my favorite t-shirts. Finally, I would note that besides my current interests, I am always open to new and fun forms of nerdish oddity. Basically, I absolutely love being amused and I would await the delivery of any related gifts with delight and anticipation. For the convenience of your scribes and acolytes, I have dictated to my Amazon assistant a representative list of my likings with specifics, for reference or simply for inspiration.

    As my likes would be known in your divine observance, so would my dislikes. Or in most cases, as your mighty Roundness most certainly understand, they are not so much actual dislikes as a lack of knowledge or active interest in certain subjects such as Pokemon, handheld or console gaming, anime, and superheroes. While I do know some of the items of interest regarding these, I would still be ill-equipped to properly appreciate any related items.

    Know that I am humbled by this opportunity to earn your regard by sharing the bounty and spirit of this season with my fellows and hope that my petition for inclusion is found favorably in your sight.

    (Ir)Reverently yours,


    Delaney on
    "I will participate in the game. It's a wonderful, wonderful opera, except that it hurts." - Joseph Campbell

    Steam: delaney_a

  • JonoseelJonoseel Here Be Unicorns and Dragons Boston, MARegistered User regular
    Dear somewhat great Cardboard Tube full of surprises,

    Surprise me, seriously, use your imagination and surprise.
    This should help:
    sur·prise (sr-prz)
    tr.v. sur·prised, sur·pris·ing, sur·pris·es
    1. To encounter suddenly or unexpectedly; take or catch unawares.
    2. To attack or capture suddenly and without warning.
    3. To cause to feel wonder, astonishment, or amazement, as at something unanticipated.
    a. To cause (someone) to do or say something unintended.
    b. To elicit or detect through surprise.
    1. The act of surprising or the condition of being surprised.
    2. Something, such as an unexpected encounter, event, or gift, that surprises.

    and this

    i·mag·i·na·tion (-mj-nshn)
    a. The formation of a mental image of something that is neither perceived as real nor present to the senses.
    b. The mental image so formed.
    c. The ability or tendency to form such images.
    2. The ability to confront and deal with reality by using the creative power of the mind; resourcefulness: handled the problems with great imagination.
    3. A traditional or widely held belief or opinion.
    4. Archaic
    a. An unrealistic idea or notion; a fancy.
    b. A plan or scheme.

    Have fun.

    Pax Eat Stuff: 3 Day Badges[]; BYOC Badge[]; A Roof to stay under[X]; A ride of some sort[].
  • bubblegumnexbubblegumnex Registered User regular
    Dear Glorious Tube Master

    I am but a simple man. While I have stumbled in deed this year, I feel that I have brought much good into the world through laughter and much, much, much whiskey. While I find the laughter to a be a reward unto itself, I do like having physical worth to show for it.

    I'm slowly getting back into reading. Due to work I haven't been able to go to a book store and browse as often as I'd like. However, I am currently thinking about classics, such as Isaac Asimov Foundation book, which I hear is a must read. I also want to dive into series such as A Song of Fire and Ice, and The Wheel of Time. Getting a start on those would be fantastic.

    Although, if something was truly needed, it would be good ear buds, as I commutes are long and treacherous each day. It would help ease the pain of transit.

    Thank you Tube Master, for your glory.

    <@zerzhul&gt; bubblegumnex: you were so very fucked up
    <@zerzhul&gt; you win at twdt
  • Jim SharkmagicJim Sharkmagic That's the Sharkmagic magic. England, UKRegistered User regular
    Hello Tube!

    I am a simple nerdy thing, currently studying a degree in English Lit. Due to this, sending me some food would be amazing because student budgets are stupid like that. However, there are very few things that you could send me that I'd honestly dislike. I like the things that most nerds like such as comic books, video games and TV/films, and tonight I started to watch Mad Men for the first time. (I know I'm late to the advertising party, I'm sorry!) I also like to wear clothes and if you would like to buy me some clothes, I wear a women's small. Despite your tubey omniscience, I'd like to give you a gentle nudge to remind you that I'm in the UK, so please bear that in mind if you want to send me electronic things that may not work over here! I love DnD (if you couldn't tell by my dumb username) and anything Victorian. Steampunk is possibly the coolest thing ever invented, and I love anything shiny.

    If you're a Pin Pal, I currently only own the 2012 PA Core Set and will soon own the Halloween Set, but those are the only pins I have. Having some new pins to add to my lanyard would be great!

    I think that's everything...uh...I can't eat mushrooms, but I'm not sure that's relevant. (Actually, scratch that, y'all are crazy.)

    Thank you in advance!

    -Jim Sharkmagic

    ...Have a magical day.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited November 2013
    Hey there magical gift giving cylinder,

    Creative power is one of my favorite things to admire in others. I am certain that above all else, I would enjoy something that shows off your skills and/or talents.

    I consider myself a fairly well rounded player of games. The last year has been mostly filled with PC games and a wide variety of board games.

    My local friends have massive board game collections though, so I find myself not having a huge desire to own a large collection myself. My very favorite board game is Battlestar Galactica. I have a couple "co-operative against the game" types, like Forbidden Island, and I do enjoy that sort of thing. For expanding my own collection, I mainly try to focus on games that play well with two players since any time I have more than two players, the massive collections of my friends are usually available. I recently picked up Gauntlet of Fools, and I have some Munchkin and FluXX. If it's fairly common, I might have it already or I might play it a lot with my friends. I am certain though that if you have a slightly less common game in mind that you love, I will likely enjoy it as well. I am, however, considering getting into the X-Wing minis game, and have included some items on my amazon wishlist for some basic comps.

    My Steam and XBL profiles are in my signature. They show a pretty comprehensive set of my vidjagame interests. I keep my steam wishlist up to date and fairly well curated. I mainly shy away from console games these days for whatever reason.

    I'd really like to get back into pokemon with X&Y, but I have no 3DS. I'm sure I'd have a lot of fun with one, but I have had a hard time justifying buying one for myself.

    I love all sorts of universes like BSG, Star Wars, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Portal, and the like. I absolutely adore the fallout universe and have played through waaaay to much of the modern games. My very favorite superhero is Iron Man and I am up to date on the IM comics. I'm not so up to date on the rest of Marvel NOW though, and enjoy anything with a solid Iron Man tie-in. Various themed things along these lines would be met with much praise.

    I have a pretty extensive book collection (including *almost* every Star Wars EU novel), so while I do love books I get them all the time and they may make redundant gifts.

    I put this here last year, and was met with some amazing whiskey tools :) I'm going to include it again though anyhow: I highly enjoy good whiskey (scotch more than anything).

    I really suck with wishlists. I'm trying to improve. The fact that I've bought a house this summer does mean that some things that would generally be impulse buys have not occurred due to spending monies on house things. My amazon wishlist is in my sig, and I'm sure I'll be updating it more over the next week. I do ask that if you get something from my amazon wishlist, that you mark it as purchased since I'm using this list for multiple exchanges and some friends and family. Once matches go out I'll keep my eyes off of it so as to not ruin any surprises.

    If you can't come up with any ideas based on this information, and you would like to ask someone on the forums for help, I would suggest @chaosisorder or @peetsnack. You could also try PMing my wife @Jersey but I'm not sure if she checks her PMs here.

    zerzhul on
  • draklandraklan Chocobo in time the Frosty North... mmm FrostingRegistered User regular
    Oh great and long Cardboard tube Thingy in the sky

    I know it seems like it's been a year since I wrote and in that sense you are probably correct.
    I've been up to my usual level of mischief and have even spread my love of all things PAX to 2 of my co-workers so you know I've been busy.

    As always I continue to love all things Doctor Who and Final Fantasy in your name of course. But I have since come to appreciate things such as Batman, Mass Effect, Bioshock and Assassin's Creed as well. My love of collectibles and miscellaneous trinkets and Baubles and sundry other oddities are all in tribute to your greatness and I hope you Bobcat me with your attention once more.

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