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Networking Hotspot

MugsleyMugsley DelawareRegistered User regular
I picked up a Edimax 802.11n adapter on a Newegg sale (for $5!!) about two months ago. One of my goals was to use it to allow my PC to act as a second WiFi hotspot in the house to help with coverage and speed. I first tried the Edimax manager program, then moved on to Connectify Lite.

Both programs seem to have the same problem: I can set up the hotspot and get it running fine; then if/when I decide to stop and restart the hotspot, or restart my computer, I can't get a device to connect. I've tried mucking about with Internet Connection Sharing options in Win7 and I'm still not having much luck. Is there anything I'm missing? From what I can tell, dropping the funds to move to Connectify Pro won't help; as that option is more geared toward cell tethering and other more complex network connections.

What's frustrating is I know I can do this natively on my Macbook Pro; and I know there's a way to do it on my Windows machine, if only I can figure out what options I need to tweak to make it happen.

Can you guys give me any help?

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