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Worlds: a voxel game with programmable terrain and custom everything

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
Worlds: a voxel game with programmable terrain and custom textures, actually with custom everything

A short promo:

I’ve worked on this game for two years, and now I present a first decent build that could be useful for somebody.

This is a voxel game that I decided to create when I felt that Minecraft wasn’t enough for me. But the foundation for the story goes back to my childhood. I liked to play LEGO a lot back then, but these were the tough 90s in Russia, and my single mother, who was working as a translator, had to bring the constructor from the Germany. She could afford only the small LEGO sets, and went to Europe just once per two or three years, leaving me with a very limited ability to build. All I wanted back then was a box of unlimited LEGO details.

But then, after almost 20 years, Minecraft gave me the possibilities I’ve always desired to have. However, some time has passed, and even Minecraft wasn’t enough for me, because of the limited set of blocks (dirt, stone and wood is not a lot), because of difficulty of writing mods and texture packs and solving their incompatibilities, and because of some other issues.

So, I’ve decided to roll my own game, where you can have infinite amount of block types, of character models and of course infinite biome types. And I want to have a simple tools inside the game that allow easy ways to add this stuff into play.

As of now I have a texture editor, simple block editor, an object editor (objects are things like houses and trees made from more than one block), and a landscape\biome editor.

I like the landscape editor the most, because of the possibility to add any kind of biome you could possibly imagine into the game. You have to write everything in text now, kind of like writing a computer program, but I’m going to build a nice WYSIWYG version to simplify the process.

The game is free for a moment with optional purchasing and I'm really really seeking some players-creators, because I'm hunger for the feedback!

I've made a tutorial that shows main aspects of the game. Here it is:

Then one great person from reddit made a hilarious introduction video:

So please, try it, maybe enjoy it, and say something back!

The website of the game is:

I am also grateful to Penny Arcade for Extra Credits show which I watch every week, and want to express my gratitude with 5 activation codes for the game. I'll send them to the first 5 forum users who'll claim them by replying here with "I claim a code".

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