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Babylon 5 interviews, artwork and other stuff

Triple FTriple F new memberRegistered User new member
Just a FYI type thing for anyone who has downloaded the B5Scrolls website in the past.


The last update is now finished (and included in the downloadable zip file). The final numbers are (and this surprised the bejesus out of me when I actually checked on them).

549 pages covering 18 (sometimes very) revealing and wide ranging interviews with the likes of Ron Thornton and Steve Burg explaining various technical and artistic stuff, along with additional contributions from Syd Mead and Wayne Barlow. Over 100 pieces of production concept art which the ‘guys’ who worked on the show sent over, much of which hasn’t been released before, 143 flash animations showing the ship designs seen on the show, as well as links to some other online B5 content that hardly anyone knew about – Like the Novo Babylonia audio drama which has apparently been kicking around since 2008 (the same year B5Scrolls went up)!

It’s also been downloaded over 50,000 times! (Which is pretty cool : ).

Anyway. Here’s the link to the sites front door (still free, no ads or any other nonsense attached.)

The download page.

And the facebook page set up last year to let folk know about it, when it looked like those hosting the site weren’t going to renew their server agreement. Just in case anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the site.


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