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This year has been a giant pain in the A in getting tickets. I had a couple ideas that I thought I would share that I think would make things easier.

1) Let people who come to the con sign up for the following year (pay in advance). They can only get 1 badge. You can cut or mark their badge in a way so that you know they have already redeemed their badge for the following years badge. By limiting these purchases to one per person, it will be less likely that the person will sell the badge on eBay. It also guarantees they can come and enjoy it again. Also, you can even be more extreme about it and only 3 day holders can get 3 day badges. If you have Fri and Sat badges then you can get Fri and Sat for the following year (You would only have to buy a Sunday badge when they go on sale to the public afterwards). If you have Fri-Sun individually you can get all 3 marked up and get in on a 3 day.

2) Get rid of the 3 day discount and flat fee all the days. There is a profit potential that people can use cause of the savings. You can even make it that if someone attends all 3 days they get a PAX shirt and some goodies in the mail with their badge as a thank you for attending all 3 days. With there being no savings in 3 days hopefully more people will opt out of trying to eBay the tickets. For those that would like to attend 1 or 2 days, they have the option to get said "goodie bag" for a small fee of $20 or whatever.

You could even combine both options which I would be fine with

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    I don't know....

    1) I think that would only influence more people to start "scalping" their tickets, as PAX would then essentially become a closed event. Having people able to pre-order their passes at the current PAX seems unfair to anyone who may not have been able to attend this year, but were saving for next year. Personally, I went solo to PAX last year and bringing 2 of my friends this year. If this was implemented, it would be impossible for them to go with me.

    2) I think the Event Planners for PAX are spending a pretty penny on the event as is, let alone sending out goodie bags to badge holders. I don't think having to buy 3 single day passes as opposed to a 3-day pass will be much of a deterrent to a crowd who already spends (on average) $1k-$2k just for the trip down there.

    I think the problem is that PAX has become massively popular, along with the video game industry itself. Indie games are in a nice boom lately with plenty of games coming out and newer ideas coming to the market. More indies means a bigger gaming community and since E3 is closed-doors now, PAX is really the only gaming convention left where you can actually meet developers and take a look at upcoming titles.

    It's just too popular now is all, and I don't think there is much anyone can do to make passes more available.

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    I know this is new to people that only attend pax east, but prime has been dealing with this issue for a long while now. You're not going to have any ideas that they haven't already thought of, and these threads literally go nowhere.

    You can put your feedback about which of the options you would *like* to see in your post-pax survey, but don't pretend that you're breaking new ground here.

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