Health Insurance for International Visitors

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My wife's parents, who live outside the US and are not US citizens, are planning on visiting us here later this year for about a month. It would be nice to have some form of health insurance for them in case any accidents come up or such, etc. Are there any reputable companies that people here have used before or recommend that can handle this? Are there any companies to avoid?

Any other general advise about this?

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  • Mom2KatMom2Kat Registered User regular
    I know I eat travel insurance as part of my group medical at work that covers the states, I'm coming from Canada. If they are coming from here get them to check the banks and travel agencies to see what's available.

  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    Coming from China, so probably less available than Canada, unfortunately :( ID: kime#1822
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  • KetarKetar Come on upstairs we're having a partyRegistered User regular
    Yeah, travel insurance is what you should be looking for. Travelex is a large company that's been around for a long time, and travel insurance is one of the services they offer. They were one of the two options we used to recommend to clients when I worked for a tour operator. Iirc, they were the option that would actually cover pre-existing conditions, so their rates were usually a little bit higher than the other company's. The other insurer we used doesn't appear to be in business any more though or may have changed names a while back.

    I was always working with American clients traveling outside of the US, so I can't be sure whether Travelex would have plans for your situation or not. They'd be worth looking at though. We had a client who needed an emergency appendectomy while on a tour in SE Asia, and he had to be airlifted to a hospital. The total cost was tens of thousands of dollars even in that area, and the insurance ended up covering either everything or very close to it.

  • SiskaSiska Shorty Registered User regular
    Do they have a credit card? Sometimes CC companies offer free travelers insurance if you pay for the plane ticket with their card.

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