Any way to get around the combat in RSPoD?

gumbootgumboot Registered User new member
So I'm a big fan of the Penny Arcade comics, and picked up the first 2 episodes of this game a while back. I love the sense of humor, and the style of the game. Only problem is this: I hate turn-based combat. Hate isn't a strong enough word. I loathe it. I find it boring and tedious and have never enjoyed it. Every time I play this game, I get maybe 2 or 3 fights in, and get so tired of it that I just quit.

So I'm in a situation where I really, really want to experience the game, and all the fun it has to offer, but can't get past the combat. Is there any way to get around the combat? Even if it's a trainer or something that just plays it for me, or a console command or something that just auto-wins every battle?

Some people may argue that the combat system is part of the fun, but turn-based is just not for me.



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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    There isn't a combat skip function I'm afraid. The combat in Episodes 3 and 4 is still turn based, but a lot more interesting. My recommendation would be skipping to those.

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