How to Keep Stray Cats from Pooping on My Car

So as the title suggests, I am looking for a way to keep stray cats (which slip through our parking garage gate) from climbing onto and dirtying/defecating on/peeing on/coughing up hairballs on my car, which they do almost nightly. I tried cayenne pepper, both around the car and on the hood. I tried vinegar. I tried citrus smells. What are my other spray options for keeping off cats? Are other furniture repellents safe to use on a car? I think there's too many different stray cats in the neighborhood for it to be a "teach them a lesson once" situation. Has anyone solved a similar problem.



  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON IndiaRegistered User regular
    You could buy a car cover.

  • PedroAsaniPedroAsani Brotherhood of the Squirrel [Prime]Registered User regular
    I have had cats all my life. I have never heard of this happening even once, let alone nightly. What the hell is going on with your car? Is someone pranking you by smearing it with tuna?

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  • ElinElin Registered User regular
    Set up a humane trap or 2 near your car and start depositing strays at the humane society. Pretty soon you'll deplete the population who thinks your car is their territory.

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  • WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
    Tho it could be as annoying as the pee using it on an actual car, but I had a similar problem with the neighborhood cats pissing all over my deck. So I sprinkled some Cayenne pepper in a few places around it, and they stopped coming around, they apparently HATE the smell or taste of it.

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  • ihmmyihmmy Registered User regular
    I've heard tin foil will keep cats from wanting to jump up on stuff, if you're willing ot put a bunch on your car hood. If they're getting your tires and such though it won't really stop them

  • CroakerBCCroakerBC TorontoRegistered User regular
    Depending on how your garage is set up, you may want to try mounting a cat scarer. They're essentially ultrasonic noisemakers with a motion sensor - when things walk in front of the sensor (like cats) it lets out an ultrasonic noise which is inaudible to humans, but which cats hate. They learn to associate their presence with the bad noise (hence the motion detector) and so stay away from the area.

    Use them on our front lawn with great success to stop neighbourhood felines crapping on it - you might need to mount on the floor of a garage, but it should still work.

  • Sir CarcassSir Carcass I have been shown the end of my world Round Rock, TXRegistered User regular
    Try the pepper around the gate.

  • HollerHoller Registered User regular

  • mtsmts Dr. Robot King Registered User regular
    or this one

  • chr1sh4ll3ttb3chr1sh4ll3ttb3 A dagger in the dark is worth a thousand swords in the morningRegistered User regular
    A water pistol or a Nerf gun.

  • Giggles_FunsworthGiggles_Funsworth Blight on Discourse Bay Area SprawlRegistered User regular
    A water pistol or a Nerf gun.

    My cat lives in fear of the Nerf gun. At this point clacking the action is usually enough to get him to quit undesirable behavior.

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