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Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Feed

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited November 2013 in Camp Weedonwantcha

imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Feed


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  • rabidsirabidsi Registered User regular
    Image link is broken.

  • KatieJRiceKatieJRice Registered User regular
    Yep, I know. Trying to fix it now but I'm still new to this new system. If I can't figure it out on my own tonight it might not be fixed until morning. :/

  • KatieJRiceKatieJRice Registered User regular it working I think. Time to sleep!

  • TanglebrookTanglebrook Registered User new member
    Really happy with how this webcomic turned out.

  • Brass55Brass55 Registered User regular
    I love the comic! Well worth my (im)patient wait for launch day. I am not sure if you have changed anything from the original six, but the colors now seem more vivid and detailed to me.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    This has been a very welcome addition to my webcomic rotation :)

  • ahdokahdok Figment of your imagination Registered User regular
    Jokes on you kids, Seventeen's been collecting leaves and mixing them into the food. for comics, art and other junk.
  • gavindelgavindel The reason all your software is brokenRegistered User regular
    Ah, the circle of life.

    And it mooooooves uuuus aaaaaaaaaaaall.

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  • twincannontwincannon Registered User regular
    Was anyone else expecting a broken RSS with just the word "Feed" appearing in their reader? :D Loving the comic Katie!

  • ATF_GriffATF_Griff Registered User regular
    Great comic!

  • izak1399izak1399 Registered User new member
    The art is just so god damn great!

  • LostNinjaLostNinja Registered User regular
    Seventeen is just a great character, she takes what could be a potentially grim topic for a comic and turns it into something wonderful.

  • MuffinsMuffins Registered User regular
    I love how very different Katie's style looks from every. other. comic out there.

  • LailLail Surrey, B.C.Registered User regular
    So good.

  • PsycheRachPsycheRach Registered User regular
    That was adorable!!

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    twincannon wrote: »
    Was anyone else expecting a broken RSS with just the word "Feed" appearing in their reader? :D Loving the comic Katie!

    I had to go and check this before I posted it on Facebook, so you're not the only one.

  • GoluxasGoluxas Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    I didn't see a contact link, so I'll just leave it here.

    At smaller resolutions (1024x768 in my case), the comic extends off the right side of the screen. If I try to scroll right, there's just an orange bar that goes over everything. Probing at the source, it looks like the orange bar is the background color and that for some reason, the body content's width is set to my browser window's width. (You should be able to recreate this by resizing your browser to something small and then trying to scroll horizontally. I'm using Chrome if that helps.)

    Anyway, the comic is adorable and so pretty! Looking forward to more.

    Goluxas on
  • mushymushy Unprofessional Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    ♪SHE'S ONLY 17♥♫

  • Justin138Justin138 HartsvilleRegistered User regular
    Would love to have see Proto kid in the mix. Miss that shoe stealing stupid grin on his face.

  • JachraJachra Registered User regular
    Pft, you jerks! You clearly know how to hunt and skin animals already! >:(

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