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RsPOD: Which platform to buy on + save game continuity

carboxymoroncarboxymoron regularRegistered User regular
edited November 2013 in Penny Arcade Games
Hello; long-time lurker / first post.

I've been meaning to play the whole quartet of games for some time now and just looked into buying it. These appear to be my choices, given that I use a Mac 99% of the time, but strongly favour Steam over the Mac App Store, and don't own any consoles:
  • Episode 1: Steam (Windows), Mac App Store
  • Episode 2: Steam (Windows), Mac App Store
  • Episode 3: Steam (Mac and Windows), Mac App Store, iOS
  • Episode 4: Steam (Windows)

My 2 choices appear to be:
  1. Buy it all on Steam (pro: achievements, con: rebooting)
  2. Buy Episodes 1 & 2 on Mac App Store (pro: cheaper even without sale, and there is a sale on Ep 2 right now), and Episodes 3 & 4 on Steam with the hope that 4 will eventually be cross-platform.

One easy deciding factor would be the save game carrying-over thing which I've found inconclusive evidence of. Does it work between all episodes, or only 1-to-2 and/or 3-to-4? Does it work across platforms (i.e. is the save game a standard file I can move from a Steam install to the Mac App Store equivalent)? I gather that when it does work, the impact on the receiving Episode may be minimal, but I savour the complete experience when it comes to gaming product.

carboxymoron on


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