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So, What's all this about then?

New MMO being developed by NCSoft affiliate Carbine studios that takes the best of fantasy and Sci-fi, tosses them into a room before telling them to "Make it work" and create a child. Want action? Want adventure? Want a western flavored space extravaganza? Well hold on, Cupcake! You're gonna get it!

Wildstar is launching June 3, 2014 and the NDA has been LIFTED

Pre-orders begin March 19, 2014


The Details

Standard and Digital Deluxe flavors

Preorder bonus for both editions:

Rocket house
Exclusive housing item
3-day head start
Exclusive title
Auto access to the beta weekend events
Free storage bag

Both editions come standard with:

30-days game time
3 guest passes with 7 days of game time
Free housing item

Digital Deluxe Edition adds:

Eldan Themed Hoverboard Mount
Eldan themed costume
Eldan title for your account
Exclusive account bound dyes.


Meet The Dominion

The Cassian - The top dogs of the group, tasked with the heavy burden of bringing civilization and prestige to the unwashed masses. They're better than you. They know it and they have no problems constantly reminding everyone else about it through arrogance or just good old fashioned brute force.

The Draken - The meanest sumbitches in the galaxy. Dragon folk. Warriors, hunters and fighters. Not hard to find at all. Just gotta follow the trail of decapitated corpses

The Mechari - Ruthless killing machines created by the Eldan to sniff out traitors and spies. Humor deficient

The Chua - The real brains behind The Dominion's tech. Pint sized rodents worked into a near psychotic froth at the mere sight of technology

Meet The Exiles

Humans - Humans this go aren't the big boys on the block. Wanderers, nomads and explorers using good old fashioned Grit and Determination™ to find a new world to call home. The Dominion though? Fuuuuuck those guys.

The Granok - Stone skinned ass kickers and name takers. If they aren't busting heads, they're probably somewhere pounding back cold ones. For the sake of simplification let's call them 8 foot tall space dwarves.

The Aurin - Requisite hippies only with more fur, tail, tooth and claw. Scrappy lil cusses not afraid to throw down if they have to though. They exist a bit more on the spiritual side of the spectrum for the Exiles, shamanism and mysticism with a whole lot of "one with nature"-ness

The Mordesh - Exile black ops. Technically kinda dead! and using a combination of science and cybernetics to keep themselves from rotting away. These guys get down to the dirty stuff the rest of the Exile faction find a little "unsavory" whether its genetic mutation experiments or unleashing a madness plague on Dominion civilians



The Warrior's Gear

Power Sword

For ages, warriors throughout the galaxy would slice and dice their enemies with swords, only inevitably to find themselves confronted with something uncuttable. But then someone came up with the crazy idea of hooking a blade up to a fusion accelerator. The result? A marriage made in slaughterhouse heaven. Today's power swords come equipped with ten megatons of liquid awesome hurtage. In. Your. Fist.

Arm Cannon

Think last year's Thermo-Nuclear Battle Gauntlet was the last word in extremity extreme? Well, stop thinking and listen, because this year we're talking the XL45 Hell Mitten: a supercharged deathgrip that'll have your enemies singing soprano for the rest of their three-second lives. This bad boy comes stocked with something for everyone to die from: a high-velocity ripsaw, 40M retractable battle harpoon, instant-activation riot shield, personal defense plasma barrier, and high-explosive destructo-missiles. Oh...and GPS. This ain't your gam-gam's battle gauntlet!

Brute Force

Enough with the techno-yadda-yadda, egghead...Tactics are for wimps. In the end war's all about two good old-fashioned pastimes: ass-kickin' and face-stompin'. Which one you do with the back of your hand and which comes courtesy of your size 30 boot is up to you, ace.

Warrior Lore:

the most ancient fraternity in the universe. Paragons of foolhardiness. Defenders of the swordless. Though the names of a very few are immortalized, the deeds and even existence of most will never be known. And while none would dare impugn their courage, their intelligence is another matter entirely.

For millennia, those who followed the way of the blade saw no need for weaponry of greater complexity than swords. While reforms spearheaded by Bellitorus the Organ Grinder such as a Warriors School had fizzled out because the invitees were "sorta busy fighting," his innovation of a sword powered by nuclear energy was eventually accepted by many as a satisfyingly gory improvement.

Despite this, his second proposal, an arm-cannon, would only catch on after die-hard sword purists repeatedly found themselves mown down by the millions from laser artillery. Yet so great was the warriors' attachment to their archaic weapon that when Bellitorus' illegitimate descendant Vagnathrox the Spleen Gargler suggested other, more powerful, longer-range projectile devices, his disgusted peers beheaded him on the spot.
Nevertheless, in 1414, Vagnathrox belatedly received recognition for good intentions in the form of a statue of his decapitated body, which to this day enjoys the occasional visitor behind the restrooms of the Neglected Military Near-Heroes Museum on the nameless 18th moon of Perambuthorus VII-b.

The Spellslinger's Gear


For centuries, the number of bullets Spellslingers could shoot per second was an infuriating bottleneck. Then, belatedly recalling that they were ambidextrous, they added a second pistol to their arsenal. The rest is exit wound history.


If there's one thing Spellslingers hate, it's a fair fight. That's why they supplement their deadeye marksmanship by juicing up their weapons and ammo with sorcerous sigils. Who says gunfighting and the occult don't mix? The Spellslingers' victims, and they aren't talking.


If there's another thing they hate, it's losing. For generations, Spellslingers fought duels by standing stationary at opposite ends of deserted streets, only to find themselves defeated by the agile. Humiliated by their own immobility, they delved into the arcane arts of somersaulting. Needless to say, their win percentages improved by leaps and bounds.

Spellslinger Lore

Since time immemorial, there have been Spellslingers. Lean, craggy types with dead eyes, their only weapons pistols, their only mailing addresses the grim and dusty wastes, their only social contact in saloons so violent that most patrons brought along their own body-bags.

In the early days, 'slingers were so trigger-happy that running out of ammo was a constant concern. Then one with a head for sorcery began cadging magic bullets from another dimension he called "the Void". Them bullets never ran out, and they packed six hells 'a wallop per cubic molecule. And then one clever sumbitch figured out you could actually go into the Void. That's when things started to get ugly.

Having licked their ammo problem by transcending time and space, Spellslingers once again roamed the wild reaches beyond the Fringe, killing all who looked at them funny and most who didn't. Of course, now they face a different problem. There may be fewer villains holding up banks and killing the parents of future vengeance-seekers, but now cemeteries across the galaxy have reached full capacity.

The Stalker's Gear


Guns may have better range and cause less muss, but where's the fun in that? Claws of every conceivable length, shape, sharpness, balance, and reflectivity give the discriminating Stalker no end of options when it comes to slicing open every artery at once. Just because you're invisible doesn't mean your opponents' innards have to be.


Who says business and pleasure can't awkwardly mix? Claws may be fine for everyday massacres, but for special occasions, Stalkers enjoy an assortment of swanky accessories such as amplification spikes, tether-mines and nano-darts. Put the sass back in your assassination or your blood-money back!


f there's one thing all Stalkers agree on, it's that pockets are so yesteryear. That's why this year's homicide hobbyist dresses to kill in a nanite-charged skin of smartfabric featuring a wetwired cerebral interface, and a veritable arterial spray of lethal accessories. It's not fashion-forward, it's fashion-fatal.

Stalker Lore

Since the dawn of creation, sentient beings have sought one thing above all others: beer-flavored bubblegum. But invisibility was a close second, not only for its simplification of wardrobe selection, but also for the ways it would improve the galaxy's favorite pastime: evisceration of the unsuspecting.

Unfortunately, for every bold innovation like hiding behind trees or the discovery of shadows, the prey community craftily countered with claw-proof contact lenses, time travel, and the police. For a while it seemed that invisibility would remain shamefully confined to the pages of paranormal romance.

But then came the Cassian acquisition of 'omni-plasm', a mysterious Eldan goo containing millions of nanites - the building blocks of what would become the Stalker's arsenal: stealth, enhanced defenses, and optical holoprojection capable of transforming mere humanoids into invisible mere humanoids.

Today's Stalkers enjoy the distinction of being the least visible assassins in interstellar warfare. Or, as Shrik "the Strangulator" Biddlesworth put it in his autobiography Stalking for Success: A Personal Journey, "If your liver's still operational by the time I've moved on to your family members, then I'm not doing my job."

The Esper's Gear


While others waste time swinging clunky metal swords at you, you'll be ventilating them with an indestructible wit-sharpened stiletto forged from 100% superego! Unlike their flimsy milquetoast steel counterparts, your psy-blade projections be flung with deadly abandon among your cerebrally disadvantaged victims! Brain power never felt so good!


They say time heals all wounds, but why wait? Humiliate generations of traditional physicians by restoring life and buffing armor using only the power of your mind! And if you ever dreamed of transforming into a health-restoring, rainbow-pooping spirit animal? BOOM.


Tired of hearing that you cause "bad vibes" and fly off the handle over "nothing"? Put those judgmental haters on the short bus to payback school! Use your enemies' worst fears against them, attacking with nightmarish psycho-kinetic horrors guaranteed to stop even the hardiest of hearts.

Esper Lore

uber-freaks of paranormal-nature or the next stage in evolution? Civilization's mental elite or pariahs doomed to lives of desperation? Masters of mind over matter, or mindless slaves to their own madness? Never, and always, have so many moving so much using so little endured such torment.

In the early stages of galactic civilization, individuals evincing psycho-kinetic abilities were hailed as frightening abominations to be persecuted, exorcized, and burned at the stake (or, among the Chua, blown up, then beaten, and then blown up again). But as cultural and scientific knowledge advanced, along with a growing recognition of their military applications, public opinion of the Esper's abilities took a dramatic (and significantly less flammable) turn.

Now, with the demand for unconventional combat techniques at a premium, Espers are considered valuable members of the community, enjoying unprecedented levels of esteem and respect. Mostly this takes the form of slightly fewer wedgies, and only the occasional stake-burning in the less enlightened parts of the galaxy.

The Medic's Gear


Does shocking others "resonate" with you? If so, your aspiring inner intern will be Delighted Upon Arrival with the Awe-n-Shock Resonators Mark IX. Heal your enemies and boil your friends with last year's prize-winner for Most Excruciating Surgical Appliance! Smells like this wild-cardio just got wilder!


Did someone say sci-fi sawbones? Wielding a virtual pharmacopoeia of benign and malignant auras, you'll be savoring your enemies' squeals of relief and allies' howls of agony through the undebunkable magic of medical science!


Nothing puts a smile on a medic's face like a bunch of shiny new probes! Sophisticated advances in biotechnology allow healing probes to work so fast, there's only time for emotional scars! And for Medics with an eye for offense, the Ultra-Probinatrix 9000-Z is guaranteed to cause death faster than you can say ah. With devices like these, killing patients is a virtue!

Medics Lore

Back in the day, it was great being a doctor. Illness and death were omnipresent, and the medical profession was one of the very few able to charge improbable sums for advice, even when it proved irrelevant or fatal. With the exciting innovation of warfare, their clientele skyrocketed along with their rates. Times were grand!

But in a tragic twist for the profession, magnetic resonators capable of rapidly restoring health became scientifically possible. With people no longer sickening or dying in great numbers, some doctors were forced out of business altogether, or, even worse, into saving lives without compensation.

Thankfully, the most entrepreneurial sociopaths in the industry came through big-time. Aspiring quacks ingeniously repurposed their resonators to inflict pain rather than relieve it.

Once again, and with only minor revisions to their sacred oaths, they were making money hand over fist. Thanks to the enduring efforts of such pioneers, an industry formerly on life-support has metastasized virtually overnight into a cottage industry. Times are even grander!

The Engineer's Gear


"Concealed" weapons are for grandmas! Grow a pair by grabbing LaunchCorp's Launch-O-Matic QT-Pi Ultra-Standard and fire some rocket-propelled attitude adjustment into the awe-struck face of anyone who gets in your way. Sure, the launcher's sheer power might just dislocate the joints in both your arms, but wait until you see the other guy's!


Nothing says engineer like a posse of homemade mechanical servitors! Constructed in the greasy depths of your workshop, these industrial-strength beauts will repair you and disassemble your enemies faster than you can say 'hostile oil change'. Plus, you don't have to worry about making friends!


What's an Engineer without his Exo-Suit? Less armored! But with it on, he's the toughest grease-monkey to ever solder a circuit! With multiple combat modes that crank up your obliteration quotient or make you 100% resistant to mushroom clouds, this deadly tech-tuxedo proves that impeccable style ain't just for peacetime!

Engineer Lore

Since the dawn of civilization, those with a flair for repair have been cruelly abused by the mechanically disinclined. Swindled and verbally abused, their generous labors were more often rewarded with derision and disrespect than formal currency.
But then mechanic Adler Zolpwald was famously stiffed for his gasket lubrication fee by Darkspur Cartel boss Ando "Half-Brain" Mookle, who then firebombed his garage, encased his feet in cement, and had his thug-bots toss him in the river. Fortunately for Zolpwald and the future of engineering, Mookle was a simpleton and the river he had chosen was only ankle-deep, and the cement rubber.

From the smoldering ashes of his livelihood, Zolpwald hammered together the first ever Bruiser-Bot Mk I out of barber poles, skeletons, and a waffle-iron. Confronting Mookle and his gang in a local precious glassware shop, he delivered a now forgotten speech on the merits of justice. The resultant carnage served as a rallying flag for rivet enthusiasts everywhere.

Within centuries every garage in the galaxy resounded with the righteous clatter of servitor construction. Virtually overnight, innovations like indestructible Exo-Suits and missile launchers went from unnecessary to science fact. Despite humble beginnings, Engineers have evolved into the pre-eminent destructive AND constructive force in the galaxy. Hardly ever before has the concept of welding inspired such dread.


Player Housing


Paths are additional character creation options used to tailor your gameplay experience towards your own playstyles. Maybe you're that guy that just wants to KILL! KILL! KILL! or that person that likes to go "goating" around the MMO landscape to look for places you shouldn't normally be able to reach. Paths are for those players.

-Soldier:This is the Path for the people that want to get down and dirty. Assassinations and weapon R&D your thing? This is the path for you my friend! You're going to be that guy that does everything from defending a spot from waves upon waves of enemies, to summoning world bosses for people to fight. Cigar and can of beer not included

-Explorer: Have you ever played an mmo and saw a building or mountain off somewhere and wondered to yourself "Can I get on top of that?" That's the explorer. Finding hidden pathways and beautiful vistas with your tracking sense and intuition. Open shortcuts through a zone, find hidden caves, ruins and treasure. You are Indiana Jones. In space. Roll with it

-Scientist: The lore junkie. The scholar. Yours is the path of finding out what the heck all this crap is for! If you were the type of person whose OCD didn't allow them to leave a jrpg or zelda game until every nook was checked and every pot smashed, scanned, searched or whathave you. This is the path for you. It's your job to catalogue all the plants and critters of the world!

-Settler: Are you a people person? I sure hope so. Settlers are all about helping out your fellow player (maybe with a little extra incentive thrown in for you) It's your duty to maintain towns and outposts, providing buffs, mounts, taxis and outpost defense to give your fellow players a safe haven in-between their many adventures!


Adventures are instanced group content, similar to dungeons on the surface, but inside follow a test of decision making across varied scenarios ranging from Choose Your Own Adventure-style adventures, MOBAS, Tower defense and even a murder mystery!

Arenas and Battlegrounds

Arenas: A twist on the classic formula sees arena teams sharing a respawn pool that when depleted means the loss of the match

Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds come in two flavors-

Walatiki Temple: A Neutral flag variant that sees the objective spawn at fixed locations in the play space that then have to be claimed and returned by either team to their own base. Captured masks can be stolen from enemy bases.

Halls of the Bloodsword: An Attack/Defend "push" style battle ground that sees the Attackers having to capture two points in a stage before the central objective can be taken to push to the round forward to the next stage. The defender's job is to stop them any way they can.

These vids are a special series from Carbine breaking down the secret ingredients of Wildstar's gameplay




Crowd Control

Ability Mechanics



RESOURCES[/b/] (Skill and AMP builder site)

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    There's an AMA happening on Reddit atm you should probably pay attention to

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    keep up the good work, beez

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    Indeed. I hope this game lives up to my INSANE EXPECTATIONS

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    Some choice answers from the Warrior AMA

    Will Tanking warriors have any abilities to protect players in a telegraph? Such as a cone behind them?

    The Warrior does indeed have some cool abilities that allow you to protect your teammates from taking damage from creatures and telegraphs.

    Defense Grid, a longer cooldown ability, creates a protective zone that when the Warrior and allies stand inside of it take less damage. This ability is especially useful in group content such as dungeons when you know the boss has an attack that you will not be able to avoid.

    Plasma Wall, when tiered up grants a defensive buff to allies when they stand closely behind the Warrior when using the ability.

    Sentinel is a targeted passive ability that sacrifices some of the Warrior’s armor and grants it to an ally. This is great for off-tank builds where you are less concerned with pure mitigation.

    How will taunting work? Will that be a telegraphed ability, or will it be targeted?

    Taunting in Wildstar is entirely aim based. Some are like skill shots where as others are PBAE that require more careful positioning rather than aiming.

    Default Taunts will temporarily set you to max Threat for the duration of the Taunt. When the taunt wears off you will resume your normal position in the threat list.

    Intimidates, are more powerful taunts on a longer cooldown. The difference between Intimidates and taunts are that you will retain your position at the top of the threat list when the taunt wears off. (Unless a reckless DPS or Healer is still generating more threat than you)

    Additionally Taunts in Wildstar will also reduce the damage dealt by enemies to all players that are NOT the taunter. For example I the Warrior taunt a boss, it will now do less damage to my group members while the taunt is active. This functionality also works in PvP.

    Will taunting change the PVP player's target to the tank?

    No, we felt that this would be too intrusive, specifically with our combat system that has very few targeted abilities.

    This means that player will have to actively react when they are taunted. Do you continue trying to kill who you are fighting, back off, switch targets all part of the PvP strategy.

    Are warrior tanks meant to eat telegraphs more so than dodge? It has been stated that warrior tanks will have the best mitigation and I am wondering how that will work into the play style.

    This is kind of the player’s choice, but also dependent on how good your gear is and what a specific encounter requires.

    If you have good gear and the encounter needs you to keep the boss in a specific position then you will probably have to face tank a telegraph. It is then up to the Warrior to decide when to use Defensive cooldowns.

    There are other encounters, or specific boss abilities that you need to dodge out of and your group will need to respond to positioning changes.

    With respect to the new Milestone ability system: Is there any reason to stop at the T4 marker and not go to the T8 marker?

    ie. Base Sawblade is a DoT, T4 makes it a snare as well, and T8 make it a healing incoming debuff and removes the snare?

    Or is going up the Teir always just going to add effects ontop of the previous ones?

    Most of our Major Ability Tiers either make abilities better at what they do by rewarding good gameplay or add new functionality that will adjust how you use the ability within your rotation. They should never have drawbacks that would discourage you from tiering them up.

    Our AMP system does have some of that sort of thing that you mention with removing completely altering ability functionality.

    A basic example of a T4/T8 bonus is adding ability charges to a cooldown ability, this means you’ll be able to use that ability back to back. One really cool T8 bonus on the Warrior is making Plasma Wall reduce damage taken by your nearby allies as long as you stay in front of them.

    You currently earn 41 ability tier points by the time you reach level 50. Tiers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 all cost 1 point each. Tiers 4 and 8 both cost 5 points each. This means that by 50 you’ll be able to max 2 abilities to tier 8 (16 points each).

    We are also planning on allowing you to earn more points at cap through our Elder Game, the current idea is that we’ll let you raise 4 abilities up to T8.

    What is your favorite non-tanking ability for warriors?

    For me... that would be Tether Anchor. Basically, you put an anchor in the ground and attach a beam to your target. Once that happens, your target can only move X meters away from the anchor, until they destroy the anchor (or the duration of the anchor expires)

    Tether sounds pretty damn hilarious. I get the feeling PvP is going to be amazing on a warrior.

    Tether is ALWAYS hilarious. I tend to do a 1-2 combo of Disarm -> Tether and then watch them run to try and get their weapon over and over again.

    This is more a tanking question than directed at the Warrior specifically, but what will you be doing to make tanks and therefore, Warrior Tanks viable in PvP besides solely CC?

    Tank Warriors are definitely viable in PvP. Protecting your allies and objectives in PvP is a completely viable strategy. In Arenas a Tank Warrior will focus on protecting their allies and controlling enemies.

    In Battlegrounds such as Walatiki Temple Tank Warriors are fantastic Mask carriers. In Halls of the Bloodsworn Tank Warriors are fantastic for the offensive team to push the advantage and capture control points.

    In Warplots there is an element of PvE and Tanks Warriors are perfect for defending their Warparty from enemy warbots.

    Just keep in mind that Tank Warriors not out there to land killing blows but are there to soak up damage (which is a stat that is tracked on the scoreboards!)

    Sorry to be off topic of Warrior. Was just wondering how naming would work in Wildstar? Are we allowed spaces between, special characters such as a - ? Letter limit for names? Just wondering

    Names are one word. I don't know the specific character limit off the top of my head but I'd assume it's a pretty standard length.

    One thing I know we're considering is preventing special-character variants of names. So (the current plan) is that you wouldn't be able to create Brofessional, Bròfessiònal, and Bröfessîõnâl on the same realm.

    there was an interview with A carbiner who said that warriors made better tanks in the end game because heavy armor is less bursty then dodge based stalkers. Is this still the case?

    This is really going to depend on the specific encounter and the type of healer that you have. Warriors can mitigate a ton of damage and heal their own shields, but Stalkers are able to avoid so much damage that it keeps them fairly even.

    Also… Redacted will give Warriors a run for their money as the Main Tank in almost any situation

    The thing that burns me out about every single MMO, is the repetitive "collect 50 titberries!" quests...

    If I pick an Explorer path, can I reach level cap without collecting a single fucking titberry?


    No titberries currently in the game.

    Paths actually bias 25-30% of the content you get. There are some collection quests in the main content, few in the Explorer content (many more for settlers who tend to gather resources and scientists who tend to scan titberry bushes to turn them into healing nodes or dragons or w/e).

    Regular quests tend to give you regular XP and path quests grant path XP; but there is some overlap as well (Explorers get path and reg xp for discovering new areas on the map, etc.)

    You could avoid any titberry quests in the main content - especially if you make up for it XP-wise and level up occasionally using XP from battlegrounds/killing mobs/dungeons/etc. instead, but it's probably more efficient to take the occasional gather quest. We try to make them more interesting usually than click-50-things; like having to jump through them and then having some in a low-grav zone or a minefield or both, etc.

    So the strict answer is Yes, you can hit level cap avoiding having to gather 50 whatevers (especially if you chose to level through group PVE or PVP). If you like solo PVE it's probably efficient to occasionally snag a few titberries.

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    Titberries. They had better actually have a quest for those now.

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    Article on CREDD and potential impact on the game's economy

    reply from Gaffer:
    Nice writeup!

    I think the issue you highlight has to do in part with the fact that the common themepark style game usually has gold sinks that >follow the themepark model - i.e. are consumed once and then lose value. The issue with a by-the-books themepark game (to oversummarize a bit) is that once you consume each area of the park, you're pretty much done with it - and it's up to the >developer to try to create new content as fast as it's consumed, which is...nontrivial (GW2 is doing a decent job of big rapid >content updates, but it's hard).

    Elder games in a well-designed MMO need to be repeatable, not consumable - and the same holds for sinks for elements of the economy. Most themepark MMOs might add these elements in over time, but I'd argue few ship with them in place - we're aiming >to be different on this with WildStar very specifically because we see a lot of MMOs launch, be consumed, and then be discarded >before the elder aspects can be added, and I'd argue that's a mistake.

    In a sandbox game, elder games (and often levelling) are systematic, and therefore repeatable by nature - Civilization (as a box example) is repeatable because there is so much dynamic content/exploration involved.

    To give a concrete example; a mount that costs a lot of gold is a pretty bad GP sink - you buy it once, then never need buy it >again, and what is high GP during launch is miniscule in a mature economy. A betting system (with a rake for the house), an >auction percentage, etc. are repeatable and scale much better as the economy scales - those are systematic rather than >consumable.

    In any case good writeup - thanks.


    Follow up responses from Mr. Gaffney via Reddit

    Repair bills are a valid sink.

    But consumables are traditionally made by players, so gold would not be lost in the transaction. The herbs are harvested by a player, and then either used by a player or sold to a player, so no gold is made or lost there.

    I'm really curious where all the gold is going to go in this game.

    JG- Transaction fees on the AH actually work pretty well as a quiet "transaction tax", believe it or not. And the consumption of tradeskill materials for skill points while levelling/elder gaming is quite reasonable too, depending on the design.

    Right now the main nonstandard sinks are likely to be housing and warplot building - there are so many things to buy there that they are pretty good sinks in and of themselves.

    Economy is something you really need a ton of players in to see how it all works together/feels though - Winter Beta will tell us a lot IMO.

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    Fuck yes, proper tanking. <3

    Also, I'm not really overly bothered by gradual inflation in an MMO economy, provided there's a way for lowbie players to participate in it (hello, copper nodes) and no actual requirement to be part of the economy to reasonably play.

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    Disclaimer riddle was solved via Red dit and Wildstar central


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    Fly the fun way.

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    Taunts work in PvP like they do in WAR, which was basically reducing the damage you did until you whacked the tank x times.

    Another version was "Tank gets a massive damage boost until you hit them enough"

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    ewwww, I really dislike leaning heavily on auction house fees as the main goldsink.

    Nothing says "fuck it, just vendor everything" like a big fat non-refundable listing fee.

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    Especially if you get into a listing war with that motherfucker who undercuts everyone by a copper. Hey FUCK YOU, amigo!

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  • BeezelBeezel There was no agreement little morsel..Registered User regular
    ewwww, I really dislike leaning heavily on auction house fees as the main goldsink.

    Nothing says "fuck it, just vendor everything" like a big fat non-refundable listing fee.

    I thought he was talking about using the housing/warplot stuff as the main goldsink

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    The obvious solution is to auction only epics.

    Healthy economy ho!

  • Regina FongRegina Fong Allons-y, Alonso Registered User regular
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    I'm just thinking of TSW which has a fat 10% non-refundable on non-sale fuck you auction fee. It was surprising and awful.

    Back-end fees (cut of your profit) are fine and expected.


    To be clear, the dev is saying that transaction fees at auction work well as a gold sink. And they do. But only if thoughtfully constructed. Deposit fees have a chilling effect on listing things. "Will this sell in a couple days? Is this a craftable item (meaning that some other crafter is definitely going to undercut me) is this a really rare or epic item that is going to cost an arm and a leg just to list and then possibly not sell if I priced it wrong since there is no standard cost for such a rare item?"

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  • PolaritiePolaritie Sleepy Registered User regular
    Oh god, hoverboards look like I could spend hours and hours on that alone now.

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  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Beezel wrote: »
    Especially if you get into a listing war with that motherfucker who undercuts everyone by a copper. Hey FUCK YOU, amigo!
    Hi! :)

  • EchoEcho Moderator mod
    Rorus Raz wrote: »
    Taunts work in PvP like they do in WAR, which was basically reducing the damage you did until you whacked the tank x times.

    Another version was "Tank gets a massive damage boost until you hit them enough"

    That was a great design innovation in WAR. I had great fun playing a black orc and whacking stuff with my shield and choppa.

    Echo wrote: »
    Let they who have not posted about their balls in the wrong thread cast the first stone.
  • knight11eknight11e Registered User regular
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    Echo wrote: »
    Rorus Raz wrote: »
    Taunts work in PvP like they do in WAR, which was basically reducing the damage you did until you whacked the tank x times.

    Another version was "Tank gets a massive damage boost until you hit them enough"

    That was a great design innovation in WAR. I had great fun playing a black orc and whacking stuff with my shield and choppa.

    ditto. that, plus the skill where you guarded one person, taking half (?) of the damage they took. ohh, also the channeled skill that all the tanks had where people behind them took less damage. it was awesome to lead the charge and actually feel like you were accomplishing something. probably still room for improvement though!

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  • EchoEcho Moderator mod
    knight11e wrote: »
    ditto. that, plus the skill where you guarded one person, taking half (?) of the damage they took. ohh, also the channeled skill that all the tanks had where people behind them took less damage. it was awesome to lead the charge and actually feel like you were accomplishing something. probably still room for improvement though!

    Looks like Wildstar's Warrior can do plenty of that stuff too.

    Echo wrote: »
    Let they who have not posted about their balls in the wrong thread cast the first stone.
  • BloodsheedBloodsheed Registered User regular
    Beezel wrote: »
    Disclaimer riddle was solved via Red dit and Wildstar central


    My wallet, it keeps bouncing off the screen, take my wallet Wildstar, take it!

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  • DemonStaceyDemonStacey TTODewback's Daughter In love with the TaySwayRegistered User regular
    Oh man. Hoverboards...

    I swear to jeebus if they don't put in a god damn mouse look option with god damned hoverboards I will slap the nearest child.

    desc wrote: »
    ~ * ~ Week-Long Dance-a-thon Booty Ribbon ~ * ~
  • charrbroiledcharrbroiled Registered User regular
    That whole video is awesome. Music is great, the "Adult Swim" cuts are nicely done and capture humor well enough. Then we have the in-game footage.

    I rolled a 20 to hit my monitor with money but it seems Wildstar is immune, for now!

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  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    Their needs to be a pre-order for WildStar. Like now.

    I'd be on that so fast, my wallet would chafe. :)

  • Dr_KeenbeanDr_Keenbean Dumb as a butt Planet Express ShipRegistered User regular
    SWTOR had their own tank guard and pvp taunt thing. I'm happy to see that appears to be becoming a normal thing.

    Tanks should not be completely devalued in pvp like they are in WoW.

    Disclaimer: I basically only play tanks so I may be biased.

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  • TheKoolEagleTheKoolEagle Registered User regular
    fuck, every time I think I'm out, Wildstar pulls me right back in.

    Hoverboards for mounts? Yes please. Fuck mechanical ostriches.

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  • knight11eknight11e Registered User regular
    fuck, every time I think I'm out, Wildstar pulls me right back in.


  • BeezelBeezel There was no agreement little morsel..Registered User regular
    Ten Ton Hammer got a hold of Stephan Frost to ask some in depth questions about revised systems

    Ten Ton Hammer: Having played WildStar for the first time at Eurogamer, the game is incredibly polished. I did have two primary concerns, though, the first being quests. You’ve gone some lengths in talking about the revised quest system. Why do you feel the old one no longer worked? What’s your perception on a modern quest system? The nearest comparison would be Guild Wars 2 and its hearts, which are technically quests, with the exception that ArenaNet removed the NPC. How do you feel your new system and theirs differs?

    Carbine: Thanks for the kind words, the Carbine Dev Team has been working extremely hard to ensure players will be jumping into a fun and polished experience with Wildstar.

    One of the things we strive to accomplish in Wildstar, is to evolve MMO systems and content to make them more engaging. We’ve changed the “kill 0/15” mechanic to be an xp bar that fills up as you kill mobs. Simply put, the more dangerous the target mobs you kill, the faster the bar fills up. We also tie in other content, (like Challenge and Path systems) to reward players that effectively multitask. All three systems have the same target, so if you play it smart, you can level faster and receive better rewards for all three systems. We call it “Layered Content,” and it feels supremely gratifying for players that are paying attention to all these systems. We also have quest objective arrows that point to the player in the proper direction. Don’t know where to go? Just click on the quest objective and an arrow will point you to your destination.

    Regarding the GW2 quest system, there are a few differences. Their system auto-populates the public events for their content delivery (the hearts). We also focus on more than just quests, we focus on Content that players will encounter in the PVE experience. In our system, there are a few ways the player can find Content. We have the following Content Types:

    Communicator Call Quests – An NPC calls the player via a communicator and says they need something. (One example is a Chua calls from the stomach of a giant creature, asking you to find and rescue him.) You can also turn these in over Comm. Call, meaning you don’t have to run back to town.

    Public Events – A scaling objective that needs to be completed out in the world, which usually involves larger amounts of people. This could be to bring down a massive boss creature, or could be setting drills to mine for loftite and kill the rabid creatures in the surrounding area. These scale so you won’t be blocked if you don’t have enough people in the area to help with the content, but it’s certainly easier with more friends. (This is similar to the Guild Wars system in its delivery.)

    Traditional Quest Giver – A homie with a Quest Bang over his head will give you stuff to do in the area.

    Path Missions – Path content is given via the Datachron, and appears when you wander into certain areas in the world. These are all different depending on your Path type, and content within each Path varies from zone to zone. (Soldier, Scientist, Settler or Explorer.)

    Shiphand Missions – Content that allows you to go into space and land on asteroid belts, board rival ships, decimate invading factions, protect precious cargo, etc. This uses the public event system, so these objectives scale depending on how many people are in the group.
    Challenges - These are usually time restricted pieces of content that fire off when the player engages unknowingly with Challenges. An example would be jumping up to the top of a mountain within a certain amount of time, or disarming a certain amount of mines in less than two minutes.

    Ten Ton Hammer: The second issue I had was combat feedback. While the skills classes use was punchy and fantastically animated, there was no “oomph”. There felt very little in the way of impact with a lack of on screen effects or chunky sounds. Is this something you’re working to improve as you continue through Beta?

    Carbine: Most certainly. In fact, this is one of the first things we addressed when we went beta dark. Impact is one of the things you need to feel as a gamer, as combat is the thing you do most often. High impact is something we focused on, and that comes with a few things:

    When you attack an enemy, he has to react like he’s actually being hit. Our animations team went in and made some modifications so that when you hit an enemy, they’ll react by turning their head around, left or right, depending on how you hit them.
    We also added some additional visual effects so players can see that the enemy gets hit.
    We also enhanced the sound effects so that whether a Warrior swings his sword or a Spellslinger fires a shot with his pistols those things feel more cohesive and impactful when combined with the improved visuals and animations.

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  • BeezelBeezel There was no agreement little morsel..Registered User regular
    Composer Jeff Kurtenacker uploaded the Hoverboard teaser track to his soundcloud

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  • EchoEcho Moderator mod
    They're doing a livestream today, 12 pm Pacific. Think that's 20 GMT.

    Echo wrote: »
    Let they who have not posted about their balls in the wrong thread cast the first stone.
  • CorehealerCorehealer The Apothecary The softer edge of the universe.Registered User regular
    I already have the page open, but it'll be a while yet before it's actually 12 PST.

  • FairchildFairchild Rabbit used short words that were easy to understand, like "Hello Pooh, how about Lunch ?" Registered User regular
    Core, if you didn't already exist, the MMO Extravaganza forum would need to create you.

  • Just_Bri_ThanksJust_Bri_Thanks Seething with rage from a handbasket.Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Hey, dispite having slightly different tastes in games I am at least as MMO as Core is.

    ...and when you are done with that; take a folding
    chair to Creation and then suplex the Void.
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  • BeezelBeezel There was no agreement little morsel..Registered User regular
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    This will actually be the first public look at the post CBT3 build of the game. very excite

    EDIT:Link for those that don't have/missed it

    Chat is already filling up with yahoos but I noticed some very familiar names. People familiar with WoW may remember Caydiem, yes that Caydiem. Who now seems to have a CRB prefix in front of their handle.

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  • BeezelBeezel There was no agreement little morsel..Registered User regular
    Livestream starting.

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  • CorehealerCorehealer The Apothecary The softer edge of the universe.Registered User regular
    I'm already watching.

    So delicious.

  • EchoEcho Moderator mod
    WoW-style addon system and what seems like a very open API that lets you do plenty of shit.

    Echo wrote: »
    Let they who have not posted about their balls in the wrong thread cast the first stone.
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