Your Thoughts on Social Interactions in MMOs

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I'm doing a paper on social gaming (particularly on MMO games) and the different aspects of social behavior and interaction. I wanted to get real direct answers from MMO gamers and wanted some input on how MMOs affect us.

Please feel free to answer these questions with as much detail as you can.:cool:
  1. What MMO’s are you currently playing?
  2. What makes playing these particular MMO’s fun and enjoyable for you?
  3. Any memorable moments and experiences that stand out in your time playing these games? (at least one example)
  4. What online gaming sites/communities are you a part of?
    • Anything you particularly like about them?
    • What do you find useful about these sites/communities?
  5. In the MMO’s you play, what guild(s) are you a part of?
    • What type of guild is it?
    • What do you like about that guild?
    • How did you hear about that guild?
    • Does your guild have a structure of hierarchy in the organization? If so, explain.
    • What platforms of communication does your guild use to communicate?
  6. In what situations do you interact with other players outside your guild?
    • How connected or disconnected do you feel to the in-game MMO community?
  7. Is it okay for me to quote you on some of these answers for my paper and blog?

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