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Playstation Store - TV Purchase - Walking Dead Season 4 - How to watch on my computer?

winter_combat_knightwinter_combat_knight Registered User regular
edited November 2013 in Help / Advice Forum
Hi folks,

Today I purchased the first 5 episodes of The Walking Dead season 4, over the Playstation Network. I made a backup of the files (foolishly) thinking I could just plug a USB into my computer and watch them using windows media player or SPlayer. Nope. Doesn't want to work. I tried SPlayer, which basically reads any format and I cant get this to work.
Is there any way I can watch downloaded TV shows from the Playstation Store on my computer?

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  • KirbithKirbith I appear to be made of delicious cake. Registered User regular
    I believe you can watch them on your PC via Media Go, here's some info on it: Media Go

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