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MAGFest 12: See Machinae Supremacy live! Jan 2-5, 2014, Washington D.C.

NickTheNewbieNickTheNewbie Registered User regular
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When: January 2-5, 2014
Where: Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD (Right next to DC)

It's the twelfth annual Music And Gaming Festival! You may know us as the guys that run the Jamspace at PAX, but what you may not know is that we also run a four day long gaming party every January just outside Washington, D.C., and it just keeps growing every year. This year we're looking at over 40 musical acts, a few dozen guests, along with about 14,000 smelly stinky nerds.

Headlining bands: The Oneups, Bit Brigade, MegaDriver (Brazil), Machinae Supremacy (Sweden), and tons more
Headlining guests: Al Lowe (leisure suit larry), Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie (GLaDOS and the TF2 Sniper), Game Grumps, and tons more

We've got consoles, LAN, tabletop, CCGs, 200+ arcades, and any other kind of gaming you can imagine going all four days for 24 hours a day non-stop. But you don't have to take my word for it!

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    ColdbrewColdbrew Down in Front Productions Lake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
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    Seriously, anybody in the area or with the ability to travel should check out MAGFest. I've been to like... eleven PAX's now? And even though there may technically be more to do at PAX, MAGFest has been a lot more fun for myself and my friends that have come along with me. And I've only been twice.

    Anyway, if you can't make it, you should follow 8bitx, as they will be live-streaming the main stage concerts. Second stage will also be streamed, but the details on these are still being worked out. If that's not enough, the team you all know as the PAX Community DVD will be there in full-force, and we will bring you full HD recordings of all main stage acts, as well as many of the second stage acts, plus whatever else we manage to capture on film. Come say hi if you see us there! We shouldn't be hard to find during the main stage concerts. In fact, you may be inclined to yell "Down in Front!"

    Here's our current archive of footage from the last two events. Oh, and if you're a fan of Nobuo Uematsu, you should probably check out the first one. ;)
    MAGFest X (Metroid Metal, Bit Brigade, The OneUps, Earthbound Papas, and more!)
    MAGFest 11 (Protomen, Powerglove, and more!) (The VGO coming very soon!)
    There's much more still being worked on.

    Come hang out with friends and meet new ones
    Play games in the tabletop and console rooms
    Go back in time with the 24hour freeplay arcade
    Rock out to live music across many stages, some of which run through the night
    Party with Jon St. John and other celebrities
    Take part in or simply be witness to the swiftly-growing Child's Play Charity auction on the final day of the festival, where tons of big names and companies offer plenty of cool stuff! Also, sometimes we let celebrities shave beards. For charity.
    You can also rage and flip tables for charity. Because why not?

    Need I say more?

    Coldbrew on
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    DedEyeDedEye DCRegistered User regular
    I went to my first MAGfest last year and had a great time, even decided to volunteer. I'll be doing it again this year. It's a lot of fun and an awesome venue; the fact that the MAGfest takes place in the same hotel nearly everyone is staying at changes the vibe in a very cool way.

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    LevelUpLadyLevelUpLady Registered User regular
    Will be there again this year! I agree with everyone else. Def. recommend it. My favorite moment (out of many) was the piano singer all decked out probably used to singing to business people at night and singing to a crowd of drunk cosplayers lounging happily.

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    MagicSwordKingMagicSwordKing | (• ◡•)|╯╰(❍ᴥ❍ʋ) PhiladelphiaRegistered User regular
    Hm, depending on if I can find a place to crash and a ride to the convention I might take the trip back to DC this year. I wish I was still local instead of four hours out by train.

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    NickTheNewbieNickTheNewbie Registered User regular
    Heads up that pre-registration ends this sunday!

    Pre-reg price: $50 for all four days
    At-door price: $60 for all four days
    Single day passes are $40 for fri or sat, and $20 for thu or sun

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    darkinferodarkinfero BOP-IT Malden, MARegistered User regular
    Any Pin pals going to Magfest. I will be bring my pins to trade just in case.

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