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TV - Lost AV input

DyasAlureDyasAlure SeattleRegistered User regular
So I asked this a while back in other areas and never got an answer. My projection tv lost its input 5 for the dvi connection. Without spending lots of money is this fixable?



  • illigillig Registered User regular
    no one will be able to diagnose something like this over the internet with the amount (i.e. absolutely none) information that you provided...

    your options are: google the model number and symptom to see if it's at all common and someone else has a fix for it, take it into a repair shop, or open it up and see if you can spot a bad connection to fix

  • DyasAlureDyasAlure SeattleRegistered User regular
    Ok, thank you for your input, what kind of information might help? I don't even know what I should post. I can post the tv model when I get home, as I'm not in front of the set now.

    The only thing I found was someone said something similar. And they said they did something in the advanced menu. Something about enabling the input, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find that post again. I found the advanced menu by pushing a whole bunch of numbers, but I didn't want to touch anything for fear of breaking the rest of the tv that works.

    If it is going to be going to a shop, than I am not going to worry. It is an older tv, but I know there are lots of smart folks around here, so was going to give it a shot.

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