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Sooo, I'm in a long distance relationship I have been since July 30th and I've been dating him since October 30th so we've been dating for over a year. I'm in 10th grade in high school and he is in 9th I just moved in July and we live 17 hours away from each other. I'm having some trouble and really really need anybody's help it would mean a lot. Please don't tell me I'm to young to be in love or to young to be in this long distance relationship or it won't work, please give me advice on how to fix things and make it work. Anyways my boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot recently and his parents had made some rules where he could only talk to me once a day and he was sneaking the phone and stuff at times when he wasn't suppose to be talking to me (I'm not sure why his parents even made this rule) they're pretty strict. And so we were doing perfectly fine and coping and dealing with our problems in our relationship until his parents decided to call mine and tell them they were encouraging him to break up with me because he has been sneaking around and lying about talking to me and that we are in a "unhealthy" relationship because we were fighting for maybe a month, my parents didn't really want to be rude so they kind of agreed and said they think we should break up too, so my boyfriend called and broke up with me because his parents pretty much made him, but then he talked to them and told them how were going to stop fighting and he will stop lying and sneaking around with the phone and they supposably let him keep dating me but his mom told my mom if he keeps going down the path he's going they will force him to break up with me. My parents also said he could come down here for a week over Christmas break so we could see each other and of course his parents don't know if their going to let him because they don't really like us dating still and don't know if it's a good idea. I am honestly so scared and sick of his parents their reuining us :( it's been over a few weeks since this happened and we've been doing good but his parents are so strict and it seems like they're trying to protect him but they don't understand the fact that relationships go through problems I mean we can't just not fight at all that would be unhealthy and we are in a long distance relationship we need to talk more then once a day you know? My question is how can I fix this with his parents I'm not going to lose him or not have him come down here over his rude parents and because we made a little mistake with fighting and him sneaking around. Please help, and also any suggestions on how we can make this last for the next 2 and a half years until I move back down there when I graduate and see him again. I love him more then anything in this world I would do anything for him and I'm never giving up on him it may seem crazy but he is my true love I'm so sure of it. Please help, how can I fix things with his parents and have them actually want us to be together and let him see me? And what are some tips on how we can make this work for the next 2 and a half years?

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