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Under desk keyboard tray suggestions

I have been having some arm/wrist issues recently, and I have been told that putting my keyboard under my desk on a tray is one of the things I might try to help things. Problem is, my desk is one of those cheap three metal piece support/all glass top surface kinds, and many of the affordable keyboard trays I'm seeing online seem to require drilling holes into wood to install. Of course, buying a new desk is an option, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it. Has anyone run into a similar situation or otherwise have a recommendation for an affordable keyboard tray that doesn't require drilling holes to install?



  • DhalphirDhalphir don't you open that trapdoor you're a fool if you dareRegistered User regular
    Is changing the height of your chair instead not an option?

  • tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
    I would also suggest seeing if your chair height can be adjusted so your desk is at the correct height relative to where you sit.

    If you want to go the keyboard tray route, look for "tool-free" keyboard trays; these should clamp on to the desk.

  • DarlanDarlan Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Dhalphir wrote: »
    Is changing the height of your chair instead not an option?
    Unfortunately, the desk is too high/chair is too low for the chair to go high enough. Thanks though, fair suggestion.

    Darlan on
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