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A little help with Windows Media Center?

Fartacus_the_MightyFartacus_the_Mighty Brought to youby the letter A.Registered User regular
I recently set up a media pc for a relative, running Windows 8.1 w/Media Center. It's basically a glorified PVR, and they operate it entirely with a Media Center remote control. Anyway, my problem is this: their fingers aren't too nimble, and they have a hell of a time entering [number] [dash button] [number] to switch over-the-air digital channels before the thing times out and they have to start over.

Is there any way, perhaps through the registry, to increase this timeout? Googling the issue hasn't produced any results. Thanks!


  • Jebus314Jebus314 Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    You can change the channel numbers to whatever you want in WMC. Preferably something without dashes.

    Edit - This looks like it has the registry stuff you were looking for, but if you want more control over the remote I would suggest something like eventghost or intelliremote.

    Jebus314 on
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  • Fartacus_the_MightyFartacus_the_Mighty Brought to you by the letter A.Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Jebus314 wrote: »
    You can change the channel numbers to whatever you want in WMC. Preferably something without dashes.

    Thanks, that sounds handy. A lot of TVs default to automatically setting [channel].1 when you just enter a number, but WMC seems to require the entire thing to be entered within a couple of seconds. I'll see if I can set all of the .1 channels to their whole numbers; the viewer can always use channel up/down from there. Still wish there was a way to just expand the input time, but maybe that's not something that can be changed.

    Thanks again.

    edit: I was hoping there'd be a registry setting for the input timeout, but it looks like I'm out of luck. It's okay, though. I think I'll just set all of the channels to two or three-digit whole numbers (i.e. 7.2 becomes 72), which should work fine.

    Fartacus_the_Mighty on
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