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OMG Business Student in teh Art Forum

MatahariMatahari Registered User regular
edited April 2007 in Artist's Corner
Hi! My name's Gabi, and I'm new the the PA forums (joined to access the PAX West Coast Train Party). I live in San Francisco, love the beach, WoW, drawing, and coffee (lots of coffee). I thought I'd get to know more people here to maybe meet up with at PAX, ComiCon, & Anime Expo. I'm especially interested in late night drawing jams (one of my favorite con activities).

Anyway, here are some of my more recent doodlings:






Serith: Hunter of Dunemaul
Matahari on


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    variantvariant Registered User regular
    edited April 2007
    Very nice but then again, i'm just a business student too. :P

    variant on
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    MaydayMayday Cutting edge goblin tech Registered User regular
    edited April 2007

    The first one is very nice, the problem is the weirdly positioned nipple. (at least it looks like a nipple to me).
    In the second one, the eyes ruin everything, they are out of place and far too wide. The overall form is rendered in a pretty interesting way though.
    3 is a meh for me.
    4 very good lineart and mood. The hand looks super thin and the whole thing lacks shadows on the ground (makes things look like they're floating.
    5 is a WIP? Still, going very nicely, I dig the style too. The nostrils are both stylized in a different way though, makes the nose look really weird on closer inspection. Are you going to work on the tangent shading of the hair?

    All in all, I'd probably dig these a lot if you weren't a business

    Mayday on
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    Blue Is BeautifulBlue Is Beautiful Registered User regular
    edited April 2007

    did you do the background on that one? it's beautiful.

    the whole image is nice it just needs to get finished at the bottom there

    Blue Is Beautiful on
    no, you can't.
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    Kewop DecamKewop Decam Registered User regular
    edited April 2007
    The first one is good, but is there a reason you didn't shade the whole thing in the same manner? The head and neck have some good varying shades, everything below is confusing and half done. Like below the neck has it's very one light source that I'm not even too sure about.

    Kewop Decam on
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    StephenB.2006StephenB.2006 Registered User regular
    edited April 2007
    Hey, that stuff looks good! Also, I'm only here because of the title. What are you doing in the art forum!? Are you trying to get disowned by Evru'Crefall, God of Economics? Everyone knows lines and curves should only be used in graphs!

    StephenB.2006 on
    An object at rest cannot be stopped!
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    red_wyrnred_wyrn Registered User regular
    edited April 2007
    The first is very nice. Some shadows end really abrubtly where they shouldn't, but if it isn't intended to be a life drawing, it does add some style to it. I'd suggest refinining it slightly...

    2-3) I'm not a big fan of fanart... your eyes in 2 are way off, mostly the right eye (his left) and like mayday, 3 is just "meh." Since it's fan art, I'll forgive you for his right eye being kind of wide :)

    4) Nice mood, but I'd like so see more work done on it.

    All in all, I'd like to see more like the first.

    red_wyrn on
    Somewhere out there is a person just like me.... and i bet that he's boring as hell too.

    no drugs were used in the making of this art
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    bombardierbombardier Moderator mod
    edited April 2007
    Can't say I'm a fan of the colours in the third. The gradient shading on the hair in the last isn't very nice, either, but the rest of it is really awesome. Good stuff all around!

    bombardier on
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