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Help me find a pic from pax east 2013

NoMoreHeroNoMoreHero Registered User regular
Hi guys. The person in the picture I am linking also cosplayed Catherine last year, the version with the pink dress so she will be slightly revealing on the top. She's knows she's winning the bet too :-(

She told me there were barely any pictures and challenged me to find it. I am losing this bet haha. I need help finding her picture. I will buy someone food or a drink at PAX if they help haha.

Thanks and here is a picture of her last year as Chell

Pm me or email me at [email protected]

Thanks and I owe you.

Robert Khoo


  • FreemannFreemann Registered User regular
    I think you should buy me food and drinks even if i don't find any, I'll look through everything i have.

  • A.SabotA.Sabot Boston, MaRegistered User regular
    I remember seeing her last year! The only thing is I did not take any pics. Sorry :(

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