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I'm sorry, but I had to post this, stroke (lol) of genius

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Fallensonnexus: just to let you know, I finally realized what your SN is, after playing guitar hero 1, god bless GT and all it's wonders
zittystardust: manwhat
zittystardust: you added me dammit!
Fallensonnexus: i know, it's been a while, but we used to talk a bit more frequently, but hey
zittystardust: hey hey
zittystardust: well I'm off to bed
Fallensonnexus: night night, heh, sleep tight
Fallensonnexus: and I mean that in every way possible
Fallensonnexus: iseriously
zittystardust: oh shi
zittystardust: I'm goin get raped

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