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My dog wants you to touch its butt. Big time.

FiggyFiggy Fighter of the night manChampion of the sunRegistered User regular
Here is a picture of Molly, as she looks at me touching her butt:


We noticed several months ago that Molly loves it when you scratch there. And also the meaty part of her hind legs. So much so that she will start to corn-on-the-cob nibble on your harm. We kept doing it because it was funny when she would nibble. She would even nibble your face if that was nearby.

One day she became absolutely nuts about chasing her tail and trying to bite her ass. Obviously not playful, this was extreme. She was even scratching herself in places or biting and causing scabs. We took her to the vet, they took blood. Took a urine sample. A bunch of stuff. Came back later before the results were in because it was getting worse. They gave her a mite/tick/flea dose and a cream.

She is much better now in that she won't go crazy trying to chase her tail, and we try not to scratch her hind quarters in case we're irritating dry skin or something. But still, she will often run right up to you, plop down, and present her hind quarters. She wants you to scratch her there. If you do, she loves it. She starts licking the air.

Any ideas? We did find a flea a couple weeks ago but we re-treated her and haven't seen anything since. She eats a mixture of 'Simply Nourish' brand dog food, about 1/3 Salmon flavour and 2/3 Chicken and Brown rice. Little treats for going outside, but nothing over the top.

We did eventually get the urine sample results back, and the vet said she has some crystals in her urine that could be a result of her diet. Her food has not changed but she was getting into the cat's food. A couple times she ate the entire bowl of dry cat food (Blue Buffalo) while we weren't looking. Since, we've put the cat's food in an inaccessible area. So, that's not happening any more.

My original theory is that us scratching her butt constantly caused some sort of irritation/outbreak. Is there anything else this could be? It doesn't seem like she's in pain, but she almost whines sometimes to get you to her scratch her butt. I hate to think she's constantly uncomfortable and we just don't realize it.

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    Gabriel_PittGabriel_Pitt (effective against Russian warships) Registered User regular
    Has the doctor checked to make sure that her anal glands are draining properly? Does she ever do that 'stick the hind legs up in the air and scoot around right on their butt?' thing?

    Other than that, all dogs, in general LOVE getting their butts scratched. It's usually around the area that they have trouble reaching on their own, and when you start scritching them there, you'll quickly get them into a rump swaying, leg thumping good mood. Yours just might be wired to like it a bit more than most.

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    CreaganCreagan Registered User regular
    I'd have her tested for intestinal worms, but Gabriel_Pitt's right. Dogs LOVE having their butts scratched. My dog gets so into it my siblings nicknamed him "Mr. Kinky."

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    L Ron HowardL Ron Howard The duck MinnesotaRegistered User regular
    I can't really speak much to the possible diseases your dog might have, but petting butts and rubbing ears are the ways to a dog's heart. And food too. And walks. Playing as well. You get the point.

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    FiggyFiggy Fighter of the night man Champion of the sunRegistered User regular
    No analysis gland issues. Forgot to mention the vet checked that too.

    I guess it could just be that she likes being scratched there. Thanks guys. I'll update if anything further develops.

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