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[Insurgency] Tactical Realism Shooter for less than a pizza.

TediakTediak Registered User regular
edited January 2014 in Games and Technology
Insurgency is what would happen if Red Orchestra 2 and Counter-Strike had a baby. And then if that baby was abducted and raised raised by SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six before it went downhill. And then twice abandoned, it had to pimp itself out on Steam for a measley 13 dollars.

While a bit short on maps, the gun mechanics are solid and refreshing in an era of Call of Modern Warfare Duty VII. It also has a robust coop mode that reminds me of the old days playing Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon. Map design favors urban environments and close quarters combat. This lends itself to visceral firefights and lots of tension as the sole survivor on the team tries to complete an objective so others can spawn. There are six versus game modes and two cooperative ones that provide more variety.

The official website does a better job of listing the features than this measly post can.

Official Skirmish Mode Gameplay
Official Push Mode Gameplay

Beginner tips from a beginner:

Start with coop to get your gun mechanics down, the AI is mookish in their behavior but their bullets are just as lethal.
There is no kill indicator, but you can check the scoreboard.
When you use VOIP, the enemy can hear you too if they are close enough.
Many surfaces do not provide hard cover, and bullet penetration is a bigger factor.
Suppression and fatigue also make returning fire more difficult.
Bullets are pretty damn lethal, dropping even armored targets in 1-2 shots.
In general, a player who has superior positioning to other players wins the engagement. Very rarely will someone whip around and head-shot you. This rewards group tactics and constant communication.
Most game modes have one-life by default, but a wave re-spawn is allowed if a new objective is captured.
You need explosives to destroy certain objectives.

If any PA-ers want to play this add me on Steam. If there's enough interest we can see if we can get a group together.

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  • CapsaicinCapsaicin I asked my 2 y/o son to draw a pic of my German mom, and thats what we got. Registered User regular
    Looks interesting. I'm going to follow this one.

  • SudsSuds Registered User regular
    I absolutely love this game. I'm hooked.

  • MechMantisMechMantis Registered User regular
    I remember playing this back in the days when it was merely a Source Engine mod. What's the population like?

  • YallYall Registered User regular
    I'm installing this now and friending you on Steam.


  • TediakTediak Registered User regular
    The population is fairly decent right now. I have a preference for smaller PvP servers and those can be kinda hard to find though. Still having a lot of fun, though I wish it had competitive matchmaking and more maps.

  • TediakTediak Registered User regular
    Total Biscuit just released a review. Haven't watched all of it but it seems pretty favorable, though he admits the niche factor.

  • surrealitychecksurrealitycheck lonely, but not unloved dreaming of faulty keys and latchesRegistered User regular
    its really really cool and dropping all those shitty modern ui elements was a fantastic idea

    back to surround sound headphones for all!

  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON Registered User regular
    I played a bunch of this just now. Pretty great. Recommended if you enjoy realistic shooters. I don't think modern day weapons are a great fit for the genre but if you're playing a modern day shooter that's not a milsim like ArmA then you probably want to be playing Insurgency.

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