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Windows 8 won't update.

I re-installed windows 8, did a fresh clean reformat but now when i run my PC windows update no longer...updates. It's active, and says its downloading and installing, but it actually isn't, it sits at 0% forever and never actually installs or updates. I've literally been at this problem all day and been trying everything, the windows update repair tool windows says to use also doesn't work, it just hangs and "Repairs" forever and never stops or fixes anything. Anyone else encounter this problem? I've been hunting around the net for a solution but nothing seems to be working, even manually updating isn't working because i dont know what updates to download from the site as MS makes it woefully unclear and there are no full update packages. I even did a SECOND reformat, and im still having this issue.

I'm at my wits end and have no idea how to fix this problem, any help would be fantastic.

PSN: PA_Elimination 3DS: 4399-2012-1711 Steam:


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