SSD failure or something else?

Welp, I think my SSD is failing. It's my primary drive, too. It started last night where Windows became unresponsive and the read/write light was on solid. I could still move the mouse and click on things, but nothing would open.

Reboot to safe mode and saw nothing wrong, rebooted again to normal Windows only for it to happen almost immediately upon login. Tried to wait it out only for it to BSOD and automatically reboot to BIOS, then state there is nothing to boot from.

A RAM issue wouldn't let me hang around in my BIOS, it would just lock up completely right? Just trying to determine it's what I think it is before I order/exchange a new SSD.

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    Knight_Knight_ Dead Dead Dead Registered User regular
    Could try running MemTest to make sure it isnt your RAM before you buy a new SSD

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