Need help picking a computer.

Hey everyone,

I need some advice. My mother-in-law is currently looking at buying a PC. She is currently using a Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop that is plugged into a monitor, keyboard and mouse because the screen no longer works. This computer is terrible and slow. I've done what I can and cleaned it up but there is no real helping it at this point.

She mostly uses it for office programs and browsing but it takes forever to do just about anything. I have worked this thing over and can't really get it to perform beyond its means.

Does anyone here have any suggestions for a good PC? She is not an Apple user, wants something snappy and is looking at spending around $500. She is willing to spend up to $700 but only if there is a good reason too. The biggest concern here is getting the most bang for the buck; something that can bring things up quickly and last as long as possible within the price range.

In addition, she was personally wondering what people thought about all-in-ones vs. towers. She has the monitor, keyboard and mouse so the savings on that stuff is not really an issue. I am personally not as fond of all-in-ones but I honestly have not been in the market for a long time.

Any advice provided would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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