[MTG] So whatcha doing in the game as of late?

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Read Tycho's recent post about getting back into Magic, and having myself jumped back on the wagon about 9 months ago after one of the people I originally taught how to play (10 years ago) recently went all hardcore and got his brothers into it. Drafting, Modern, Standard, EDH...what have you.

Just curious what people are thinking of Born of the Gods here, and what you are doing in the game recently?

My recents:
Finished a cube (built this pauper made by someone much better at cube theory than I): http://thepaupercube.wordpress.com/
Turned my previous block standard into a modern.
Rebuilding my vintage.
2 EDH decks (full casual mode, just dumb unplayables that are fun as hell to resolve)
I have a terrible standard deck.
Training for Grand Prix SLC for M15 draft in September.

You can see my terribad decklists here: http://tappedout.net/users/thorkos/mtg-decks/

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    You might wanna check the SE++ or Critical Failure threads. This part is dedicated to video games.

    I made the thread for "Duels of the Planeswalkers" games for this forum section: Link. Little to no activity lately.

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    I'll check it out, thanks. I really am not a huge forum person, so I don't know the protocols. Apologies for the miscategory.

    I see the word "Games" and everything from Counter-Strike to Chess pops into my mind. :)

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