[GTX680] Temperature Issues

THESPOOKYTHESPOOKY papa!Registered User regular
So, I can't get a straight answer on what the maximum safe temperature for one of these puppies is

Some people say it starts self-throttling at 70C, which isn't true. The specs specifically note 98C as the max temp, but that seems absurdly high to be pushing for prolonged periods. With some games like Battlefield and Titanfall, mine is floating around the mid 80s, maximum. I've read several testimonials that say this is perfectly normal for a 4GB 680, but I wanted to get some direct answers to be sure.



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    FoomyFoomy Registered User regular
    80C isn't that strange.

    If your really worried you can download the EVGA precision program (or your manufacturer might have something similar) and setup a more aggressive fan profile. Most default fan settings don't push the fan over about 60-70% of max rpm to keep the gpu from being too loud.

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    LD50LD50 Registered User regular
    Do what foomy says. You may also want to clean your card and get all the dust out of it, especially if it's been awhile since you've done that.

    If you're really concerned, you could try taking the heatsink off and cleaning the old thermal paste off it and the gpu, applying new paste, and then putting it back together.
    If you do this, be warned that taking the heatsink off may or may not void your warranty (if you still have one) depending on the manufacturer. Also, don't go overboard with the paste, you don't want to get any paste on any electronic components other than the gpu heat spreader and the heatsink.

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    THESPOOKYTHESPOOKY papa! Registered User regular
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    As long as 80C isn't troublesome, I'm not worried

    It only reaches that temp on really GPU-intensive games, with the fan at 70%

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    GriswoldGriswold that's rough, buddyRegistered User regular
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    Those temps are fine. I would personally set up a more aggressive fan profile, but if you aren't actually seeing performance throttling, and you'd rather not have the noise, low-to-mid-80's shouldn't be a big deal.

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